28 Mar


Stars: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Natalie Kingston

Directors: Frank Borzage

A poor Neapolitan girl, desperate to acquire medication for her ailing mother, comes into conflict with the police and finds refuge with a traveling circus. She meets a painter, who falls in love with her but is unaware of her recent troubles with the law.



27 Mar

Secret Agent X-9 (1945) 13-CHAPTER CLIFFHANGER

Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Keye Luke, Jan Wiley
Directed by: Ray Taylor, Lewis D. Collins

At the onset of WWII on a Shadow Island — Asia’s neutral crossroad of intrigue — Secret Agent X-9 teams with Chinese and Australian agents to stop the Axis Powers from possessing a formula to create a synthetic fuel code named “7-22.”



26 Mar

Pink Martini feat. Storm Large – AVO Session in Basel 2011


25 Mar

Coldplay Performs “Imagine” ft. (Emmanuel Kelly)


24 Mar


Stars: Joanne Woodward, David Niven, Jeanne Baird
Director: Harry Horner

After a drama critic gives her latest performance a scathing review, the irate actress pays a visit to his home armed with a pistol!



23 Mar

South of Panama (1941) SPY THRILLER


Stars: Roger Pryor, Virginia Vale, Hugh Beaumont, Duncan Renaldo
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Writers: Sidney Sheldon, Ben Roberts

Chaos ensues after the sister of a government chemist embraces a stranger at the airport to thwart the enemy agents trailing her. What happens in Panama, stays in Panama.



22 Mar

Suspense (TV-1949) COLLECTOR’S ITEM


Crazy Organ: Hank Sylvern
Starring: Lon McCallister, Bernard Kates, Anne Thomas

An older man walks into the Be-bop Alley record store, slips the young clerk a huge bill, and pleads for him to come to his hotel to discuss something important. Hmmm…. sounds fishy to me.