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29 Sep

A Shot In The Dark (1935) MYSTERY

  Stars: Charles Starrett, Robert Warwick, Edward Van Sloan Director: Charles Lamont An amateur sleuth solves three murders at his

28 Sep

The Gift (TV-1953) CHARLES BOYER

  Stars: Charles Boyer, Maureen O’Sullivan, Dan Tobin Director: Robert Aldrich A businessman is a good boss for 364 days

27 Sep

Quicksand (1950) BARBARA BATES

Stars: Mickey Rooney, Barbara Bates, Jeanne Cagney, and Peter Lorre Director: Irving Pichel In this late-era FILM NOIR, a grease

26 Sep

Suspense (TV-1949) THE THIRD ONE

  Crazy Organ: Hank Sylvern Starring: Martin Balsam, Margaret Phillips, Theodore Newton A couple goes on vacation with their daughter

22 Sep

The Unlighted Road (TV-1955) JAMES DEAN

  Stars: James Dean, Patricia Hardy, Murvyn Vye Director: Justus Addiss Dean plays a Korean war veteran who steps inside

21 Sep

Radar Secret Service 1950 John Howard, Adele Jergens, Tom Neal

Director: Sam Newfield Writer: Beryl Sachs Stars: John Howard, Adele Jergens, Tom Neal    

20 Sep


  Crazy Organ: Hank Sylvern Starring: George Reeves, Jack Klugman, Mary Sinclair When an actor goes to New Orleans for

19 Sep

Sky Liner (1949) Action, Crime, Espionage Richard Travis, Pamela Blake

  Director: William Berke Writers: Maurice Tombragel, John Wilste Stars: Richard Travis, Pamela Blake, Rochelle Hudson Summary: A Government Representative

18 Sep

Thunder in the City (1937) EDWARD G. ROBINSON

  Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Nigel Bruce, Arthur Wontner, Ralph Richardson Director: Marion Gering Edward G. plays an American huckster

17 Sep

Chain of Hearts (TV-1955) CHARLES BRONSON

  Stars: Charles Bronson, Joyce McCluskey, Robert Burton Director: Laslo Benedek The story of John Staniszewski, a Polish seaman who