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11 Nov

Danger on the Air (1938) CRIME-MYSTERY

  Stars: Nan Grey, Donald Woods, Jed Prouty Director: Otis Garrett Caesar Kluck, soft-drink magnate, is found dead in the

10 Nov

Murder with Pictures (1936) CRIME-MYSTERY

    Stars: Lew Ayres, Gail Patrick, Paul Kelly Director: Charles Barton Suspected crime boss Nate Girard beats a murder

09 Nov

Murder by Television (1935) BELA LUGOSI

     Stars: Bela Lugosi, June Collyer, Huntley Gordon Director: Clifford Sanforth The inventor of a new method by

30 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – Johnny Has a Hangover

  David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) torture Johnny (Eugene Levy) after a night of drinking catches up with

29 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – The Pitch

  Johnny (Eugene Levy) attempts tries to convince Moira (Catherine O’Hara), David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) that it’s

26 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – Volunteer Opportunities

  Ted (Dustin Milligan) helps Alexis (Annie Murphy) figure out how to earn enough volunteer hours to graduate high school.

25 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – Mayor Schitt Moves In

  A displaced Roland (Chris Elliott) sparks conflict between Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Moira (CatherineO’Hara) in this clip from Schitt’s

24 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – Desperately Seeking Cedar

  David (Daniel Levy) asks Stevie (Emily Hampshire) if he can raid the woodpile in this scene from Schitt’s Creek.

23 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – Proof Positive

  Johnny (Eugene Levy) is surprised to discover a positive pregnancy test in the kids’ (Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy) trash.

22 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – Back to Work

  Alexis (Annie Murphy) returns to the vet clinic for a quick visit with Ted (Dustin Milligan).