15 Oct

What Price Crime (1935) CRIME THRILLER



Stars: Charles Starrett, Noel Madison, Virginia Cherrill
Director: Albert Herman

A Federal agent is commissioned, along with several of his fellow-agents, to capture and put an end to a gang of thieves who have been systematically, using inside information, looting warehouses.


15 Oct

Black Trump Supporters are Trending in Social Media


14 Oct

The Monster Walks (1932) HORROR



Stars: Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds, Sheldon Lewis
Director: Frank R. Strayer

People in an old dark house on a stormy night are menaced by a killer ape!


13 Oct

The Thirteenth Guest (1932) GINGER ROGERS



Stars: Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot, J. Farrell MacDonald
Director: Albert Ray

13 years before the movie opens, there was a dinner party, at which the 13th guest failed to show up. The master of the manner has died, and left the bulk of his estate to this 13th guest, but nobody knows who that is. Now someone is murdering the remaining guests, and placing their dead bodies at the table, in the same seat they had occupied 13 years before


12 Oct

Murder Is News (1937) MYSTERY



Stars: John Gallaudet, Iris Meredith, George McKay
Director: Leon Barsha

A reporter does a story on the infidelity and divorce of a powerful businessman. When the man invites the reporter to his mansion for a chat, he finds that the businessman murdered–and he is next on killer’s hit list.


11 Oct

Revolt of the Zombies (1936) DEAN JAGGER



Stars: Dorothy Stone, Dean Jagger, Roy D’Arcy
Director: Victor Halperin

An international expedition is sent into Cambodia to destroy an ancient formula that turns men into zombies.


11 Oct

China knows Biden admin is ‘incredibly weak’


11 Oct

EVIL Joe Biden’s DHS cancels Texas border wall contracts amid mounting concern


10 Oct

Murder at Glen Athol (1936) MYSTERY



Stars: John Miljan, Irene Ware, Iris Adrian
Director: Frank R. Strayer

A famous detective is invited to a swanky party at an elegant mansion, but before the night is over he finds himself involved with gangsters, blackmail and murder.


09 Oct

One Frightened Night (1935) MYSTERY



Stars: Charley Grapewin, Mary Carlisle, Arthur Hohl
Director: Christy Cabanne

An eccentric millionaire, unable to locate his only granddaughter, decides to divide his estate among a group of people less close to him: his niece and nephew, his attorney, his doctor, and his housekeeper. But complications and murder arise when two different women turn up, claiming to be the granddaughter.