20 Jun

The Lady Says No (1951) DAVID NIVEN



Stars: David Niven, Joan Caulfield, James Robertson Justice
Director: Frank Ross

Complications ensue when a handsome magazine photographer arrives in town to do a feature on the woman who wrote a best-selling book warning women about the dangers of men!


19 Jun

Her Favorite Patient (1945) ROMANTIC COMEDY



Stars: John Carroll, Ruth Hussey, Charles Ruggles
Director: Andrew L. Stone

When a macho pilot is treated by a woman doctor, complications ensue. (a.k.a. “Bedside Manner”)


18 Jun

That Brennan Girl (1946) DRAMA



Stars: Mona Freeman, James Dunn, William Marshall
Director: Alfred Santell

A selfish San Franciscan loses a husband in the war and marries a reformed racketeer.


17 Jun

Lara Trump rips Biden’s ‘embarrassing’ handling of the media


16 Jun

‘This is a disgrace’: Jon Voight takes aim at left media for not covering Hunter Biden scandal


15 Jun

America HATER China’s Bitch Joe Biden’s DHS closes office designated for victims of immigrant crime


15 Jun

Thanks Kevin!!!! Kevin Hart hits back at cancel culture


13 Jun

The Headline Woman (1935) CRIME THRILLER



Stars: Heather Angel, Roger Pryor, Ford Sterling
Director: William Nigh

When the daughter of a newspaper publisher is falsely charged with murder, a reporter on her father’s paper goes into hiding with her. At first hoping to get an exclusive story, the reporter eventually finds himself falling in love and trying to find the real killer.


12 Jun

Dangerous Passage (1944) CRIME DRAMA



Stars: Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks and Charles Arnt
Director: William Berke

Joe Beck leaves Central America so that he can return to Texas and collect a large inheritance, but he picks a dangerous ship on which to travel.


11 Jun

The Rogues Tavern (1936) MYSTERY



Stars: Wallace Ford, Barbara Pepper, Joan Woodbury
Director: Robert F. Hill

A mad killer is on the loose in a hotel on a dark, gloomy night!