29 Jun

Alexis & Twyla’s Friendship Timeline – Schitt’s Creek


The full story of how Twyla becomes Alexis’s best girlfriend in Schitt’s Creek.



28 Jun

The Rise of Rose Apothecary – Schitt’s Creek


David sets out to turn the town’s general store into a branded immersive experience with a little help from Patrick and Alexis.



27 Jun

The Full Blooper Reel – Schitt’s Creek


Even the cast of Schitt’s Creek can’t keep a straight face during these scenes.



27 Jun

Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade


Fox News’ chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream provides details on the Supreme Court’s ruling


26 Jun

The Best of David’s Outdoors – Schitt’s Creek

David survives a hunting trip, a rope course, a baseball game, and a harrowing hike.



25 Jun

Best of Bob’s Garage – Schitt’s Creek


A timeline of Johnny’s funniest moments working with Bob, Schitt’s Creek’s cheerful mechanic.



24 Jun

David and Stevie Have a Heart-to-Heart – Schitt’s Creek


David brings Stevie to the house that Patrick wanted to buy.



23 Jun

David and Patrick’s Wedding – Schitt’s Creek


Moira gives a beautiful wedding speech, and David and Patrick exchange vows.


22 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – You are my Mariah Carey


Patrick (Noah Reid) seizes an unexpected moment to take his relationship with David (Daniel Levy) to the next level. From Schitt’s Creek



21 Jun

Patrick Post-Wisdom Teeth – Schitt’s Creek


After getting his wisdom teeth removed, Patrick shares an idea with David.