12 Jun

Fugitive Road (1934) ERICH VON STROHEIM


Stars: Erich von Stroheim, Wera Engels, Leslie Fenton
Directors: Frank R. Strayer, Erich von Stroheim (uncredited)

A romantic triangle between an amorous Austrian Captain, a fugitive American gangster, and a beautiful Russian refugee, set during WW I at an Austrian-Italian border outpost.


11 Jun

The Lawless Years (TV-1959) THE JANE COOPER STORY


Stars: James Gregory, Rebecca Welles, Henry Corden
Director: Allen H. Miner

Jane Cooper may be on parole, but she intends to improve her status by ditching her nobody boyfriend for a wealthy gangster. She moves up the food chain earning the nickname “the Jinx” as each of her ex-beaus meets a tragic end. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Ruditsky or the mob.

10 Jun

Swiss Family Robinson (TV-1958) WALTER PIDGEON, LARAINE DAY

Stars: Walter Pidgeon, Laraine Day, Patty Duke, and Dennis Hopper
Director: William A. Graham
Writer: Johann David Wyss (novel by)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC), aired October 12, 1958

The timeless novel by Swiss author Johann David Wyss gets a Live NBC Television adaptation. Watch for a young Patty Duke and Dennis Hopper as members of a family shipwrecked on an uncharted tropical island.


09 Jun



Alcoholic Ellen Grayson summons her husband Harry to her isolated house to announce their marriage is over, after which he crashes his car. Helen is then visited by a man, the exact double of a much younger Harry, whose account of the love his has for his wife moves her to seek reconciliation.



08 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1961) PERSON UNKNOWN


Dr. Atl is exonerated from a murder charge during the Mexican Revolution by a death mask revealing a monster’s grip.



07 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1959) THE CAPTAIN’S GUEST


HE CAPTAIN’S GUESTS: A married couple from New York rent an old house along the New England coast that the locals consider a very unhappy place. The husband begins to take on the personality of the long-dead sea captain who previously lived there.



06 Jun

The North Star (1943) ERICH VON STROHEIM


Stars: Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Ann Harding, Walter Huston, and Erich Von Stroheim
Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: Lillian Hellman (original story and screenplay)
A peaceful Ukrainian farming village must suddenly contend with the opening phase of Operation Barbarossa, Germany’s assault on the Soviet Union. Featuring an impressive ensemble cast with Fraley Granger is his first big screen role!



04 Jun

The Devil’s Partner (1961) ED NELSON, EDGAR BUCHANAN


Director: Charles R. Rondeau
Starring: Ed Nelson, Jean Allison, Byron Foulger, and Edgar Buchanan

In this macabre tale, an old hermit sells his soul to the devil to win over the woman of his dreams. Now that’s true love.