01 Oct

Schitt’s Creek – The Sign-Out Sheet


Johnny (Eugene Levy) tries in vain to get the rest of the Roses to respect his system for claiming the family car. From Schitt’s Creek



30 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – Coming Together


Alexis (Annie Murphy) gets acquainted with Patrick (Noah Reid) as David’s new store begins taking shape. From Schitt’s Creek



29 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – “Tweet Us on Facebook!”


Johnny discovers the custom coasters he ordered for the motel might be lacking some key information in a scene from Schitt’s Creek



28 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – The Wine Not the Label


David Rose (Daniel Levy) tells Stevie (Emily Hampshire) that he’s fond of a wide variety of drinking experiences in this metaphor-heavy scene from Schitt’s Creek



27 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – Welcome to the Luau


Johnny (Eugene Levy) & Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) spark up conversation (among other things) with Roland (Chris Elliott) and Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson) at the Schitts’ annual luau in this highlight from Schitt’s Creek.



26 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – Games Night Goes South


David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) butt heads over the drunken party taking over their motel room in this scene from Schitt’s Creek


26 Sep

Hurricane Ian intensifies as it barrels toward Florida



The storm intensified into a hurricane Monday morning as it moves toward the state, as nearly every county remains under a state of emergency.


25 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – Apartment Hunting


Alexis (Annie Murphy) enlists Stevie (Emily Hampshire) and David’s (Daniel Levy) help in her search for a new place to live in this scene from Schitt’s Creek .



24 Sep

Schitt’s Creek – Such Great Timing

Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) share a morning moment before David (Daniel Levy) interrupts with a shiny distraction in this scene from Schitt’s Creek.



24 Sep

The Birthplace of COSA NOSTRA a Sit Down with Michael Franzese


How the mob got involved in Atlantic City. In this episode, I will take you back to 1929 when the La Cosa Nostra was born in Atlantic City.