02 Mar



28 Feb

Spacewalk to Prepare the International Space Station for Solar Array Upgrades


Watch two humans work in the vacuum of space on Sunday, Feb. 28! NASA astronauts Kate Rubins and Victor Glover will exit the orbital lab’s Quest airlock at about 6 a.m. EST to begin assembling and installing modification kits required for upcoming solar array upgrades.  Once the duo set their spacesuits to battery power, the spacewalk is scheduled to last approximately six-and-a-half hours.



26 Feb

Chinese businessman charged with conspiring to steal US trade secrets: Report


26 Feb

CPAC: Ted Cruz speaks out against “these DARK DAYS”


Senator Ted Cruz speaks at CPAC 2021, about ‘freedom and liberty’ and how those who disapprove of the ‘mainstream’ media need to break out of the ‘dark days’ that are being portrayed. – via Newsmax TV’s live coverage


26 Feb

CPAC: Sen. Mike Lee goes off on Newsom, Democratic Reps | Newsmax TV coverage


CPAC: Senator Mike Lee speaks to the audience and reporters about Democratic leaders in different levels of government across the country, from the ‘recall Newsom’ effort in California, to House Representatives calling for assembly on their own accord while preventing others from doing so, and more. – via Newsmax TV’s live coverage