21 Jun

Are People Trees? (TV-1957) RUTH DONNELLY


Stars: Ruth Donnelly, Ricky Vera, Clancy Cooper
Director: William A. Seiter

A widow living with her daughter in the suburbs longs for her old life in the city. On one of her frequent visits to the old neighborhood, she finds 3 orphan boys living in her old flat. She wants to adopt them, but Child Protective Services won’t allow it.


20 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1960) THE FORESTS OF THE NIGHT


A Chinese box with alleged powers creates havoc for three men on a hunting trip.



19 Jun

The Lawless Years (TV-1959) THE CUTIE JAFFE STORY


Stars: James Gregory, Robert Fuller, Robert Karnes
Director: Allen H. Miner

A small-time hood grows tired of living on peanuts and begins to hijack shipments of his brother-in-law’s bootlegging trucks.


18 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1960) VANISHING POINT


VANISHING POINT: Mrs. Fred Graham entered her house one day and was never seen again. When her husband asks the police to help him find his missing wife, he’s accused of murdering her.



17 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1960) JUSTICE


JUSTICE: A man confesses to murdering a child, but the members of his church swear that at the time of the killing the man was asleep in a pew.



16 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1960) TO KNOW THE END


An English librarian named Emily, and Ann, her American friend, are vacationing in France when Emily has a vision – an English captain is killed in a battle on French soil.


15 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1959) THE HAUNTED U BOAT


Stars Werner Klemperer, best remembered as Col. Klink from Hogan’s Heroes. While on patrol during WWII, a German U-boat attempts to evade detection from the sonar of the American and British ships. But their location is repeatedly betrayed by the noise of a rhythmic banging sound caused by someone, or something on board the submarine.



14 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1959) DEAD PART OF THE HOUSE


HE DEAD PART OF THE HOUSE: After the death of her mother, a haunted nursery and three dolls help a young girl reconnect with her dad.



13 Jun

Now or Never (1935) RICHARD TALMADGE


Starring: Richard Talmadge “The Dare Devil of the Screen”
Co-Starring: Janet Chandler, Tom Ricketts, and the Metzetti troupe
Director: Bernard B. Ray

In this rough-and-tumble Poverty Row production, a visitor to the City of Angels is lured into a scheme when a look-alike jewel thief sets out to doublecross his gang!


12 Jun

Fugitive Road (1934) ERICH VON STROHEIM


Stars: Erich von Stroheim, Wera Engels, Leslie Fenton
Directors: Frank R. Strayer, Erich von Stroheim (uncredited)

A romantic triangle between an amorous Austrian Captain, a fugitive American gangster, and a beautiful Russian refugee, set during WW I at an Austrian-Italian border outpost.