11 Apr

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940) Sidney Toler, Victor Sen Yung, C. Henry Gordon



An escaped convicted murderer hides out at a New York wax museum where he hopes to get plastic surgery, which will help him revenge himself on Charlie Chan.


11 Apr

The Three Little Pigs – as read by Christopher Walken



10 Apr

Charlie Chan: The Jade Mask (1945) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Edwin Luke


Eccentric scientist Harper lives in a spooky mansion with all the trimmings: hidden lab, secret panels, inscrutable butler, and greedy relatives with unusual talents. When Harper seems to be murdered, Charlie Chan (with the uninvited help of No. 4 son) tries to answer such questions as Where’s the body? How can a dead man walk? And how can a secret murder be done in full view of detectives and witnesses?


09 Apr

Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise (1940) Sidney Toler, Marjorie Weaver, Victor Sen Yung



On a cruise ship from Honolulu to San Francisco, the famous Chinese detective encounters four more murders while trying to figure out the murder of a Scotland Yard friend.


08 Apr

Greg Gutfeld: How the mainstream media made mockery of truth about violence


07 Apr

Lindsey Graham has a message for MLB



At a press conference, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slammed MLB, President Biden, and HR1, the For the People Act, a Democratic-led election reform bill that has passed the House and is currently in the Senate.




06 Apr

Andrea Bocelli: “Dell’amore non si sa”