06 Aug

Schitt’s Creek Stars Share Their On-Set Essentials


Stars of Schitt’s Creek–including Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliott, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Tim Rozon and Dustin Milligan–reveal their trailer must-haves.



05 Aug

Schitt’s Creek – Celebrating 50 Episodes


The cast of Schitt’s Creek commemorates a major milestone: the comedy series’ 50th episode.



04 Aug

Schitt’s Creek – Scouting the Sale

Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and Johnny (Eugene Levy) peruse the goods on display in this scene from Schitt’s Creek.



03 Aug

25 Things You Missed In Schitt’s Creek


Schitt’s Creek’s popularity has skyrocketed, gaining more and more fans with every season and being a beloved show across the globe. It often left us feeling an array of emotions- crying like a lunatic on fruit wine one minute, to bawling like a ‘bebe’ the next. Schitt’s Creek was a complex and beautifully written and performed show and although it will be sorely missed, it went off in a fitting way in keeping with what made the show so special.….from Screen Rant.



02 Aug

The Untold Truth Of Schitt’s Creek


The hit sitcom has aged like fine wine to unveil groundbreaking themes and characters that have never been explored by a TV show before.



01 Aug

The Best of David’s Exes – Schitt’s Creek


Meet David’s most notable exes: photographer Sebastien Raine, motel clerk Stevie Budd, and polyamorous furniture maker Jake.



31 Jul

Most Embarrassing Moments – Schitt’s Creek


David wets the bed, Stevie’s nudes catch the wrong eyes, and Moira has an unfortunate one-night stand.



30 Jul

Paul Cicero in “Goodfellas” A Tribute to Paul Sorvino


“It is hard to believe but another iconic mob actor passed away this week, Paul Sorvino. It’s really sad to see people that we look up to pass on at this rate. I had the chance to meet Paul and he is down-to-earth and kind. Chazz and other people who know Paul also speak highly of him, he is a gentleman, a talented actor, a great father, and a husband to his wife. In today’s episode, we’ll pay tribute to and honor the life of our Goodfellas, Paul Sorvino.”…..Michael Franzese


30 Jul

Schitt’s Creek – Keeping Secrets

Moira (Catherine O’Hara) finds herself privy to news Roland (Chris Elliott) wants to keep secret…from himself.