30 May

The Crime Doctor’s Strangest Case 1943



Director: Eugene Forde
Stars: Warner Baxter, Lynn Merrick, Gloria Dickson


29 May

Midnight Phantom (1935)



Stars: Reginald Denny, Claudia Dell, Lloyd Hughes
Director: Bernard B. Ray

A newly hired police chief vows to clean up a notoriously corrupt police department. When he is murdered, investigators find that there is no shortage of suspects, most of them being fellow cops.


28 May

Star Reporter (1939)



Stars: Warren Hull, Marsha Hunt, Wallis Clark
Director: Howard Bretherton

John Randolph, an idealistic young newspaper owner who uses a campaign to successfully run grafting politicians out of town. District Attorney William Burnette, father of Barbara Burnette who John loves, learns that John’s father (unknown to John) is a criminal they are seeking. He refuses to prosecute him and John, not knowing the real reason, turns against Burnette and tries to run him out of office!


28 May

Sen. Kennedy: Biden shows America can be ‘bought like a sack of potatoes’


28 May

Judge Pirro rips media for ignoring latest Hunter Biden scandal


26 May

Department of Homeland Security expects significant changes to ICE


Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan on the Biden administration’s immigration policy.

Wild Thing’s comment……

Joe Biden is the worst President Ever in the history of United States!


25 May

Texas officials seize firearms, drugs at the border


Imagine how amazing America would be without democRATS…..PARADISE!!!


24 May

Sen. Kennedy slams Biden for making America ‘one giant sanctuary city’



Wild Thing’s comment…….

Love Senator Kennedy and his greatness! He is telling it like it is.