12 Nov

The Corpse Vanishes (1942) BELA LUGOSI


Stars: Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters, Tristram Coffin
Director: Wallace Fox

A scientist, aided by an old hag & her two sons – a malicious dwarf and a brutish moron, kills virgin brides, steals their bodies, & extracts gland fluid to keep his ancient wife alive and young.



11 Nov

Danger on the Air (1938) CRIME-MYSTERY


Stars: Nan Grey, Donald Woods, Jed Prouty
Director: Otis Garrett

Caesar Kluck, soft-drink magnate, is found dead in the office of a big radio-broadcasting company. Benjamin Franklin Butts, a sound engineer, discovers that Kluck met his death from cyanogen gas, administered in some mysterious fashion. Harry Jones, head of the company, fires Butts for making the public. Kluck has made many enemies and there are numerous suspects, including Christina “Steenie” MacCorkle, who is in love with Butts; her brother Alexander; radio announcer Dave Chapman; Tony Lisotti, the janitor who had discovered that Kluck was making love to his daughter Maria’ Kluck’s physician, Doctor Leonard sylvester, and Joe Carney, a racketeer who had been doing Kluck’s dirty work. Butts pursues his investigation and his only clue is a deflated toy-advertising balloon he has found next to Kluck’s body. Later, Butts discovers Tony;s body in a broom closet and, nearby, finds another deflated balloon, a straw and a pin. He then calls all the suspects together…and solves the mystery.



10 Nov

Murder with Pictures (1936) CRIME-MYSTERY



Stars: Lew Ayres, Gail Patrick, Paul Kelly
Director: Charles Barton

Suspected crime boss Nate Girard beats a murder rap, and newspaper photog Kent Murdock is on the story!


09 Nov

Murder by Television (1935) BELA LUGOSI



Stars: Bela Lugosi, June Collyer, Huntley Gordon
Director: Clifford Sanforth

The inventor of a new method by which television signals can be instantaneously sent anywhere in the world, refuses to sell the process to television companies. On the night of his initial demonstration broadcast, the inventor is mysteriously murdered and it falls to the Police Chief to uncover who the murderer is from the many suspects present!



08 Nov

Biden admin has done dramatic damage to families nationwide





Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso shreds the Biden administration’s leadership one day before midterm elections on Kudlow.


08 Nov



Sen. Manchin angered by ‘disgusting’ Biden comment a democrat Manchin angered by ‘disgusting’ Biden comment.


06 Nov

Francesca Gagnon – Je Voudrais Bien