03 May

The Best of the Jazzagals – Schitt’s Creek



02 May

100 People Describe Johnny Depp • Birthday Tribute (2020)


On the 9th of June 1963 the world was gifted with one of the most special human beings that has ever existed.

The power of his love embraces people and changes their lives for better. He shows us the road of kindness, generosity, care, empathy, sensitivity, humility, morality, integrity, respect, justice, truth, loyalty, and just the simple goodness that is so needed. He became a guide and an inspiration and many times the only good thing that a day can bring. He puts a smile on our faces every single day. He teaches us to never give up, to be brave and to believe in ourselves. So let us be grateful and let’s wish a very HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY to JOHNNY DEPP on this important day.


01 May

Johnny Depp as “Captain Jack Sparrow” sails into Vancouver to visit patients at BC Children’s Hospital


Patients at BC Children’s Hospital were delighted by a visit today with one of the world’s most famous pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow. Hollywood actor Johnny Depp arrived at the hospital dressed dread to toe as his character from “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise. The charismatic character charmed patients and their families alike, leaving smiles and laughter in his wake during his 5 1/2 hour visit.