13 Sep

A Place of His Own (TV-1953) CHARLES BOYER


Stars: Charles Boyer, Jeanette Nolan, Stacy Harris
Director: Robert Florey

A mildly brain-injured war hero lives with his greedy family. All he wants is his own house, while all they want is to preserve their failing wealth. When his younger brother kills a man over a gambling debt, the family convinces him that he did it.



12 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE UNLUCKY GAMBLER


THE CASE OF THE UNLUCKY GAMBLER: Young Andrew Fenwick hires Holmes to find his father, Herbert, who’s been missing for three weeks. Holmes and Watson discover he was a gambler who needed to hide from his impatient debtors. To catch Mr. Fenwick and bring him back to his family, Holmes get Lestrade to make a false arrest during a stakeout at one of the man’s favorite pubs.



11 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE DIAMOND TOOTH


THE CASE OF THE DIAMOND TOOTH: Watson’s examination of a body found in the Thames reveals he was crushed to death and missing an eye tooth. The doctor had just found a lost diamond tooth by the river. Believing the man was from South America, Holmes and Watson disguise themselves as sailors head to a bar down at the docks. There they encounter the killer and his bone-breaking method of murder.



10 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE NEUROTIC DETECTIVE


THE CASE OF THE NEUROTIC DETECTIVE: Watson is alarmed by Holmes stranger-than-usual behavior: hiding a necklace in his humidor, taking a date to a formal affair and refusing to help Lestrade capture the criminals stealing England’s state secrets and valuables. After employing disguises and old-fashioned snooping, Watson convinces Lestrade that Holmes is the evil genius behind all the thefts.



10 Sep

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09 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE ROYAL MURDER


THE CASE OF THE ROYAL MURDER: While visiting King Conrad in his Balkan nation, his highness requests Holmes and Watson to prove his innocence when Prince Stephan of a neighboring country dies suddenly at dinner. The circumstantial clues implicate the king, so he has the two tossed into a dungeon cell. Princess Antonia, widow of the prince, attracts suspicion because of her previous love affair with Conrad.



08 Sep



THE CASE OF THE BAKER STREET BACHELORS: Candidate Jeffery Bourne is being blackmailed with false abuse charges by a woman he met through a marriage bureau. Holmes and a reluctant Watson investigate the agency by posing as lonely hearts, with Holmes claiming to be a very rich one. As expected, he’s promptly blackmailed as well, but is unexpectedly tossed into jail. It’s up to Watson and Lestrade to burglarize the bureau and find some evidence.



07 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE SHOELESS ENGINEER


THE CASE OF THE SHOELESS ENGINEER: While out on a walk, Holmes and Watson come upon an injured man wearing only one shoe and carrying a young woman.



06 Sep



THE CASE OF THE HAUNTED GAINSBOROUGH: Malcolm MacGregan will lose his family’s Scottish castle if he can’t make the mortgage payment, by midnight. His attempts to find a buyer for the Gainsborough portrait of his ancestor Heather have failed because her ghost keeps appearing to curse anyone who takes the painting. Holmes believes the haunting has more to do with the greedy mortgage holder than an actual spirit.