02 Jun

Antonio Banderas – Cancion del Mariachi (Desperado)


31 May

The Prison Within (TV-1956) GLORIA TALBOTT

Stars: Gloria Talbott, Mark Damon, Edward Platt
Director: John Meredyth Lucas

An actress, whose boyfriend is killed in Korea, suffers a breakdown and is sent to prison for writing bad checks.



30 May

Antonio Banderas – Take the Lead – Tango Scene


29 May

Take The Lead – The Teacher’s Speech



28 May



Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Stars: Eric Linden, Constance Worth, Ann Doran

When a scientist is murdered after developing a powerful new explosive, his brother, an army corporal goes AWOL to uncover the identities of the killers!



26 May

Happy Landing (1934) ADVENTURE

Director: Robert N. Bradbury
Stars: Ray Walker, Julie Bishop, William Farnum, Noah Beery

A young pilot fights to track down a dangerous gang of smugglers and clear his name of an undeserved stigma.