14 Nov

Events scheduled around the country to support President Trump


With many conservatives around the country concerned that voter fraud swayed the election in favor of Joe Biden, many organizations have gathered in key places around the country to back President Trump. One America’s Christina Bobb has more from Washington.


14 Nov

Million MAGA March!


Wild Thing’s comment…….

What a Beautiful Crowd of Amazing US CITIZENS UNITED BY TRUMP


13 Nov

Agatha Christie’s Marple – A Murder Is Announced


13 Nov

Why I’m not giving up on Trump – John Schneider

Actor and country music star John Schneider comments on the currently contested, legally battled, and projected presidential election results in several key battleground states, what it’s like being a celebrity to publicly support President Donald Trump, and more. – with Newsmax TV’s Shaun Kraisman.


13 Nov

Sean Hannity on the horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure Dominion Voting System


Sean Hannity on the horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure Dominion Voting System, used in States where tens of thousands of votes were stolen from Donald Trump and given to Biden!


Wild Thing’s comment…….

Dear GOD Help President Donald J Trump, the American people and the rest of the WORLD.
Take note how all these these “errors” always benefit the Democrats. The democrats want to install their socialist and communist agenda on our beloved America.


12 Nov

Kayleigh McEnany runs through voting allegations in 234 pages of affidavits


Wild Thing’s comment…….

Kayleigh McEnany runs through the shocking allegations of voter irregularities revealed in 234 pages of signed and sworn affidavits.

If they have nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep everyone from looking.

Love Kayleigh; she is relentless with the truth. God bless her, and God bless the USA. Go Trump 2020!


10 Nov

10 Commandments of the Mafia with Michael Franzese


The Italian authorities came upon a home in Palermo Italy, owned by Salvatore Lo Piccolo, a mafia guy who was on the run for years… During the search of Piccolo’s villa, authorities discovered a paper written in Italian titled “The 10 Commandments of the Mafia”.  Michael Franzese, a former Capo in the Colombo Family in New York.


Thank you Michael.Prayers for your daughter.