02 Mar

GIPSY KINGS ….Trista Pena


01 Mar

Hollywood and Vine (1945) COMEDY


Stars: Wanda McKay, James Ellison, Franklin Pangborn
Director: Alexis Thurn-Taxis

A young girl arrives in Hollywood with stars in her eyes, but finds her dog has better chance of becoming a movie star than she does!



26 Feb

All-American Co-Ed (1941) FRANCES LANGFORD


Stars: Frances Langford, Johnny Downs, Marjorie Woodworth
Director: LeRoy Prinz

All-girl school Mar Brynn tries to get more pupils and publicity by making fun of the Quincton college. For revenge, the boys there sent Bob Sheppard to Mar Brynn, dressed as a girl, to give them a slight scandal. Complications arise when he falls in love with Virginia.



25 Feb

No, No, Nanette (1940) COMEDY

Stars: Anna Neagle, Richard Carlson, Victor Mature
Director: Herbert Wilcox

Perky young Nanette attempts to save the marriage of her uncle and aunt by untangling Uncle Jimmy from several innocent but ensnaring flirtations. Attempting one such unentanglement, Nanette enlists the help of theatrical producer Bill Trainor, who promptly falls in love with her. The same thing happens when artist Tom Gillespie is called on for help. But soon Uncle Jimmy’s flirtations become too numerous, and Nanette’s romances with Tom and Bill run into trouble. Will Uncle Jimmy’s marriage survive, and will Nanette find happiness with Tom, Bill, or somebody else?



25 Feb

COMMUNIST China’s illegal police stations on American soil to sound alarm on threat to US sovereignty



According to the Spain-based NGO Safeguard Defenders, Chinese public security bureaus established the “overseas police service stations” in several continents, including two in London and one in Glasgow. In North America, it found stations in Toronto and in New York


China’s illegal police stations on American soil to sound alarm on threat to US sovereignty

24 Feb

Shed No Tears (1948) FILM NOIR


Stars: Wallace Ford, June Vincent, Mark Roberts
Director: Jean Yarbrough

A wife convinces her husband to fake his death so they can collect on the life insurance. However, he doesn’t know that she has been having an affair for some time, and she has plans for the money – and they don’t include him.