12 Aug

Schitt’s Creek- David’s Heart Attack

  David Rose (Daniel Levy) explains to sister Alexis (Annie Murphy) that his health is declinaviding dramatically in the stressful,

11 Aug

Best of Café Tropical – Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek’s premier restaurant, Café Tropical, run by waitress and owner Twyla Sands.    

10 Aug

Noah Reid performs A Case of You … Noah Reid interprète A Case of You

  Lyrics Just before our love got lost you said “I am as constant as a northern star” And I

08 Aug

Alexis Rose: Tamagotchi Murderer – Schitt’s Creek

  Alexis can’t be trusted after what she did to David’s tamagotchis.    

07 Aug

Wake Up With the Schitt’s: With Special Guest Twyla

  Jocelyn (Robertson) released a new gardening book! Roland (Elliott) recounts a near death experience. Guest Twyla (Sarah Levy), waitress