26 Jan

Return of the Whistler 1948

       On the eve of his marriage, a young man’s fiance disappears. He hires a private detective

25 Jan

The Secret of The Whistler 1946 Crime Film Noir

        An artist married to a wealthy but ill woman begins an affair with one of his

24 Jan

The Whistler 1944 Crime Film

    Based on the old time radio show, “The Whistler” stars Richard Dix, and was directed by William Castle

23 Jan

The Voice of The Whistler 1945 Crime Film

        The 4th film of the Columbia series based on the CBS radio program, “The Whistler”. Stars

22 Jan

‘Evita’ Medley by Antonio Banderas

  Live from the Royal Albert Hall, Antonio Banderas performs a beautiful Medley from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical, Evita!

21 Jan

Peter Cookson – Fear – 1946

    Stars: Peter Cookson, Warren William, Anne Gwynne, James Cardwell, Darren McGavin & Ernie Adams.  

20 Jan

John Bromfield – The Big Bluff – 1955

    Stars: John Bromfield, Martha Vickers, Robert Hutton & Rosemarie Stack. Director: W. Lee Wilder.  

19 Jan

William Marshall – Blackmail – 1947

    Stars: William Marshall, Adele Mara, Ricardo Cortez, Grant Withers, Stephanie Bachelor, Richard Fraser, Roy Barcroft, George J. Lewis

18 Jan

Crime, Inc. (1945) TOM NEAL

    Stars: Tom Neal, Leo Carrillo, Sheldon Leonard, Lionel Atwill Director: Lew Landers A crusading reporte is caught in

17 Jan

Close Up (1948) CRIME NOIR

    Stars: Alan Baxter, Virginia Gilmore, Richard Kollmar Director: Jack Donohue When a Nazi war criminal is accidentally caught