20 Jun

Patrick Proposes to David – Schitt’s Creek

  After a long hike, Patrick proposes to David.    

19 Jun
18 Jun

Moira Remembers Her Time in “Cabaret” – Schitt’s Creek

  Moira remembers the time she was in a little show called “Cabaret.”    

17 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – David & Roland Go Shopping

  David Rose (Daniel Levy) and Mayor Schitt (Chris Elliott) check out the wares at the Blouse Barn in this

16 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – The Baseball Episode

  In the championship baseball game, David shocks everyone when he hits the game-winning home run.    

16 Jun

Dana Perino: This goes to the top of embarrassing things for the Biden administration

  ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss reports Biden’s Department of Homeland Security will punish border patrol agents who were cleared of

15 Jun

Wildest Parties – Schitt’s Creek

  David and Patrick throw a housewarming pajama party, Johnny plans a birthday surprise for Moira, David helps plan Jocelyn’s

14 Jun

The Rise of Rose Apothecary (Timeline) – Schitt’s Creek

David sets out to turn the town’s general store into a branded immersive experience with a little help from Patrick

13 Jun

Swing High, Swing Low (1937) CAROLE LOMBARD

  Thank you to PizzaFlix Stars: Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour Director: Mitchell Leisen A beautiful passenger on a