01 Jul

Cher – Welcome To Burlesque

     Lyrics Show a little moreShow a little lessAdd a little smokeWelcome to Burlesque Everything you dream ofBut

29 Jun

The Lawless Years (TV-1959) THE DUTCH SCHULTZ STORY

Stars: James Gregory, John Dennis, Ken Lynch Director: Allen H. Miner When New York Special Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey declares

28 Jun

The Lawless Years (TV-1959) THE LION AND THE MOUSE

  Stars: James Gregory, Richard Bakalyan, Katherine Squire Director: Allen H. Miner After surviving a beating by crime boss Johnny

27 Jun

West of Zanzibar (1928) LON CHANEY , LIONEL BARRYMORE

Stars: Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore, Mary Nolan, Warner Baxter Director: Tod Browning In this slimy love triangle, Lon Chaney is

26 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1959) THE BRIDE POSSESSED

  A newlywed is possessed by the spirit of a recently murdered woman. The bride is played Virginia Leith, who

25 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1960) MOMENT OF HATE

   A  woman believes she has the power to cause death by wishing it, and is placed under a psychiatrist’s

24 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1959) THE VISION

  Three French soldiers are arrested and court-martial for abandoning their posts during World War II, each tells a different

23 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1959) MAKE ME NOT A WITCH

  A young girl living on a farm acquires the ability to read people’s minds. Her gift proves instrumental in

22 Jun

One Step Beyond (TV-1960) TIDAL WAVE

  As a tidal wave approaches the Hawaiian Islands, the wheelchair-bound wife of a Naval engineer desperately tries to find