12 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – Behind the Episode: “Open Mic”

  Schitt’s Creek creator and star Daniel Levy talks with Noah Reid and Annie Murphy about Patrick’s pivotal serenade of

10 Jun

The Rose Family Panics in an Escape Room

  As part of David and Patrick’s bachelor party , the Roses are forced to do an escape room.

09 Jun

A Little Bit Alexis – Schitt’s Creek

  For her audition, Alexis will be singing a little tune called “A Little Bit Alexis”.

08 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – Moira Courts a Key Demographic

  With Johnny’s (Eugene Levy) help buy cheap kamagra oral jelly , Moira (Catherine O’Hara) recovers from false assumptions and

07 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – Moira’s Internet Search

  Moira (Catherine O’Hara) enlists Stevie’s (Emily Hampshire) help in locating some incriminating photos online in this scene from Schitt’s

06 Jun

Moira Rose: The Actress, the Singer, the Star – Schitt’s Creek

   Be it in the theater buy levitra cheap , soap operas or a commercial for Herb Ertlinger’s fruit

05 Jun

Best of Jocelyn – Schitt’s Creek

  Jocelyn Schitt is a hair icon, a music enthusiast, and seconds away from a breakdown.     Buy Kamagra