31 Mar

Dan Vasc Metal singer performs “Amazing Grace”


29 Mar

The Lost Zeppelin (1929) EPIC ADVENTURE , LOVE TRIANGE

Stars: Conway Tearle, Virginia Valli, Ricardo Cortez
Director: Edward Sloman

There’s trouble brewing at home and on the horizon as a celebrated explorer sets off on a daring dirigible expedition to Antarctica. Epic disaster flick or tragic love triangle? Take your pick because this early independent talkie has got ‘em both. And… it’s by Tiffany Pictures so it must be a gem!

Thank you PizzaFlix on YouTube!!!!



28 Mar


Stars: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Natalie Kingston

Directors: Frank Borzage

A poor Neapolitan girl, desperate to acquire medication for her ailing mother, comes into conflict with the police and finds refuge with a traveling circus. She meets a painter, who falls in love with her but is unaware of her recent troubles with the law.



27 Mar

Secret Agent X-9 (1945) 13-CHAPTER CLIFFHANGER

Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Keye Luke, Jan Wiley
Directed by: Ray Taylor, Lewis D. Collins

At the onset of WWII on a Shadow Island — Asia’s neutral crossroad of intrigue — Secret Agent X-9 teams with Chinese and Australian agents to stop the Axis Powers from possessing a formula to create a synthetic fuel code named “7-22.”



26 Mar

Pink Martini feat. Storm Large – AVO Session in Basel 2011


25 Mar

Coldplay Performs “Imagine” ft. (Emmanuel Kelly)


24 Mar


Stars: Joanne Woodward, David Niven, Jeanne Baird
Director: Harry Horner

After a drama critic gives her latest performance a scathing review, the irate actress pays a visit to his home armed with a pistol!