11 Apr

To Whom It May Concern (TV-1955) DAVID NIVEN


Stars: David Niven, Martha Wentworth, Ned Glass
Director: Robert Florey

A timid bank employee mails a letter to his boss confessing the theft of $7000, but a twist of fate causes him to go on a frantic chase to get the letter back before it gets delivered



10 Apr



Stars: Dick Powell, Joanne Woodward, Marine Cooper
Director: Richard Kinon

A man’s wife returns home after five years in a sanitarium to resume her normal life, but he has fallen in love with his secretary during her absence.



09 Apr

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (1940)


Starring: Warren Hull, Kye Luke, Anne Nagel
Directors: Ford Beebe & John Rawlins
Wealthy publisher Britt Reid and his trusted valet disguise themselves as crime-fighting vigilantes to battle the growing power of a ruthless crime lord!


07 Apr

Ski Troop Attack (1960) ROGER CORMAN


Produced & Directed by: Roger Corman
Stars: Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo

In this snowbound WWII flick, an American patrol is sent on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to blow up a strategic railroad bridge held by German forces. Their task is complicated by conflicts between the platoon’s veteran sergeant and its inexperienced lieutenant.



05 Apr



Crazy Organ: Hank Sylvern
Starring: Ann Rutherford, Hugh Reilly, Murvyn Vye

A newlywed accompanies her detective husband to search for a long-missing woman, with whom he once was madly in love.



04 Apr



Crazy Organ: Hank Sylvern
Starring: Jeffrey Lynn, James Daly, Robert Middleton

After preventing a stranger from being shot outside of his hotel, a widower is trailed by a pair of thugs.



03 Apr

I Cover Chinatown (1936) ROMANTIC , THRILLER


Director: Norman Foster
Stars: Norman Foster, Elaine Shepard, Vince Barnett, Polly Ann Young

An aspiring detective, working as a San Francisco tour guide, falls for a pretty traveler trying to locate her missing sister.



02 Apr

Men on Her Mind (1944) MARY BETH HUGHES


Stars: Mary Beth Hughes, Edward Norris, Ted North
Director: Wallace Fox
Writer: Raymond L. Schrock
In this musical-melodrama from PRC Pictures, blonde beauty Mary Beth Hughes takes a break from her usual hard-boiled roles to play a young singer, who reflects back on her life and loves from an orphanage to her struggle for fame.