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19 Sep

They BANNED The Godfather in San Gennaro Feast |Sit Down with Michael Franzese

One of the biggest street feast in all of Manhattan is San Gennaro Feast. It is an Italian-American festival that

30 Jul

Paul Cicero in “Goodfellas” A Tribute to Paul Sorvino

  “It is hard to believe but another iconic mob actor passed away this week, Paul Sorvino. It’s really sad

01 Jun

A Tribute To Ray Liotta | The “Henry Hill” of Goodfellas | Michael Franzese Sit Down

  We all know him from his legendary performances in the movies Goodfellas, Unlawful Entry, Narc, Killing Them Softly, Observe

18 May

How The Mafia Works – Michael Franzese

  Michael Franzese gives his take on the “Insider Review with John Pennisi… Pennisi is a former member of the

13 May

The Godfather Controversy… “The Offer” Series …Michael Franzese

  “This is a continuation of “The Offer” series review. It’s not a mob movie review but somehow related to

12 May

“The Offer” How the Godfather was Made

  Mob Movie Monday “The Offer” How the Godfather was Made… The Offer is based on Oscar-winning producer Albert S.

23 Apr

Chazz Palminteri “A Bronx Tale” Sit Down | Michael Franzese

  Today’s Sit Down with Chazz Palminteri… An American actor, screenwriter, producer and playwright. He is best known for his

14 Mar

Paul Castellano Teaches Michael Franzese A Lesson: Michael Franzese Interview

  Michael Franzese is a former mafia captain that built the most lucrative business in mafia history.  

08 Dec

5 Questions I Get Asked the Most | Former Captain Michael Franzese of The Colombo Crime Family

  The Mob life to a degree shaped who I am… I get questions all of the time, and I’m