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25 Mar

Top 5 Best Mob Lawyers of All Time |a Sitdown with Michael Franzese

  Michaell discusses the top 5-6 best Mob lawyers who have represented some of the most notorious figures in the

12 Dec

Rise in The Ranks of The Mob a Sit down with Michael Franzese

      I get this question a lot, “Michael, how do you really rise up in the ranks?” People

06 Nov

Mob Hits in Restaurants

   There are restaurants all over the United States where a lot of mobsters would hang out. Mob guys

05 Oct

5 Myths About The Mafia : Real or Fake? A Sit Down with Michael Franzese

  When it comes to people talking about Mafia, Cosa Nostra and they just get things wrong but they speak

24 Sep

The Birthplace of COSA NOSTRA a Sit Down with Michael Franzese

  How the mob got involved in Atlantic City. In this episode, I will take you back to 1929 when

22 Sep

The TOP Mafia Bosses of All Time Sit Down with Michael Franzese

   Many of you have been questioning, Michael, who do you think is the most powerful Mob Boss? Who