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11 Oct

Democrat Kerry Speaks of Killing The Bird At 1600 Pennsylvania

After telling Maher that he ( Kerry) and his wife went to Vermont to celebrate her birthday, Kerry has this

11 Oct

CIA Report Speaks Volumes About Clinton Years

Wild Thing’s comment….. When Bill Clinton was President he knew of this information. He also knew that if he did

11 Oct

One Ringie Dingie From A Democrat

I had a weird thing happen that has never happened before in my entire life. haha I was on the

05 Oct

Murtha Hot $eat Not $o Comfy Today eh Murtha??

Murtha accused of bribe cover-up Washington Times Rep. John P. Murtha’s Republican challenger has accused him of negotiating a $50,000

04 Oct

Democrats The Enemy Within

Let us never forget what is has been like when Democrats have been in leadership and in our White House.

29 Sep

Murtha and the FBI:The Director’s Cut ~ Never Seen Before

Article from The American Spectator For more than 26 years, Congressman John P. “Jack” Murtha (D-Penn.) has not been truthful

28 Sep

Turban Durban Speaks for the Terrorists on C-Span2

Durbin preaching for terrorist “rights” on C-Span 2 Yesterday Durbins plan Durbin was on C-Span yesterday talking about poor treatment

26 Sep

Democrats In Panic Mode ~ Smell of Fear in the Air

Democrats failed Tuesday to push the House into an unusual secret session to discuss a classified intelligence analysis on global

25 Sep

Helen Thomas ONE Night Only Up Close and Personal

Helen Thomas!!! Live and in person. ONE NIGHT ONLY–TONIGHT, at Ford’s Theatre!! And you thought it was too much to

25 Sep

Vote NO on Keith Ellison aka Keith Hakim aka Keith Ellison Muhammad aka Keith X Ellison

“I’m a Muslim. I’m proud to be a Muslim. But I’m not running as a Muslim candidate,” Ellison recently said