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17 Aug

Carter Be Gone!

Former US president Jimmy Carter: “I don’t think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing

24 Jul

Kerry…” If I were President”…..

Kerry knocks Bush on handling of Mideast conflict U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass., who was in town Sunday to

13 Jul

House Democrats Use Image Of Soldiers Coffins In Campaign Video…

Click…..HERE is the Video showing the Democrats using the image of soldiers coffins in Campaign Video Wild Thing’s comment……. The

23 May

John Kerry Supports NO WAIT He Opposes Border Fence

For- Against- For _ well maybe- NO wait…………………….ugh! Sen. John Kerry joined most of his Democratic colleagues last week in

20 May

Reid Calls Language Proposal Racist

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called a proposal to make English the official language “racist” on the

20 May

“Elect me or we will all die”

Gore pictured with his rifle aimed at his own head……….Bwahahahahaha!!! Al Gore, Movie Star His new documentary on global warming

19 May

The Real Democrats Agenda ~ Cut and Run

(D-PA) Joins Growing Dem Chorus Critical Of U.S. Troops; Claims Troops Killing “Innocent Civilians In Cold Blood”: Rep. John Murtha

06 May

Police Report: Kennedy Cited For 3 Traffic Violations In Wreck

Kennedy compound . Kennedy’s first statement, released by his press secretary: “I was involved in a traffic incident last night

03 May

Howard Dean: The Gift Who Keeps On Giving

. Howard Dean: Karl Rove Guiltier than Osama Bin Laden Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean is telling reporters that