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08 Nov

Biden admin has done dramatic damage to families nationwide

        Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso shreds the Biden administration’s leadership one day before midterm elections on

08 Nov


  Sen. Manchin angered by ‘disgusting’ Biden comment a democrat Manchin angered by ‘disgusting’ Biden comment.  

03 Sep

Sen. Kennedy: Biden’s speech was a cynical attempt to fill our heads with stupid

  Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., provides reaction to President Biden’s primetime speech .  

16 Jun

Dana Perino: This goes to the top of embarrassing things for the Biden administration

  ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss reports Biden’s Department of Homeland Security will punish border patrol agents who were cleared of

21 May

All criminal roads lead back to Hillary Clinton

  Former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis discusses the trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann on ‘The Evening Edit.’