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30 Sep

Florida Congressman wears signed Trump hat, hits first Congressional home run in 40 years

  If the congressional gig doesn’t work out, the Washington Nationals may be able to use Rep. Greg Steube. Steube

15 May

Elise Stefanik talks future of GOP after being named ranking House member

     Wild Thing’s comment………. Elise Stefanik is a powerhouse! I believe she has what it takes to set

07 Apr

Lindsey Graham has a message for MLB

     At a press conference, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slammed MLB, President Biden, and HR1, the For the

18 Mar

Rep. Jim Jordan: House Floor Debate 3.18.2021

  Wild Thing’s comment……. Rep. Jim Jordan is so awesome. I love when he speaks.  

12 Mar

Rep. Jim Jordan Drops NUKE on Big Tech and Media for Teaming Up To Censor Conservatives

   In a house hearing Rep. Jim Jordan called out Big Tech and the Mainstream Media for teaming up

09 Mar

BREAKING: GOP Reps “fight back” against cancel culture, demand Newsmax be shown on Capitol TVs

  Two GOP congressmen vow to “fight back against cancel culture,” demanding Newsmax and other networks be shown on Capitol

04 Mar

Cancel Culture Is a Cult With No Grace

    Wild Thing’s comment……….     Joe Biden= China First Donald J. Trump = America First We need Donald

03 Mar

Rep. Jim Jordan- House Floor Debate 3.3.2021

     Thank you, Jim Jordan, for your courage and for challenging what’s wrong. We need many more like