05 Nov

My Response Regarding My Post About US Marine Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr

I have received emails and also a response to my poster called…….
“New York Times Doctoring GI’s Quotes!”
It is a little further down on my blog. The emails I received asked me pretty much the same questions as the comment that was posted under that topic.
One thing that stood out was this question……..“What you said about 52 per cent of Americans voting to stay the course in 2004 and your wondering why no one is enlisting to help us win”…
This is my response ……
You say US Marine Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr, should not have served the extra tours in Iraq and come home to his girlfriend and family.
But you are not letting Starr decide for himself. I know several soldiers that right now are serving their 2nd and some their 3rd tours in Iraq. Why? Because they WANT to, because they have seen the difference they are making in Iraq.
As far as recruiting back here at home being low as you said…..
Well if you have noticed the LEFT, the Democrats, the anti-American scum with the help of the Media are screaming in the press, at street corners at Protest rallies, at Walter Reed Hospital (where our Military has gone to heal to be treated for their wounds), at Recruiting Offices (where they wanting to serve are screamed at as they walk in, made to feel they are horrible people for wanting to serve our country)….YES all over the place!
They LEFT again with the help from the Media keep saying our troops go to an “illegal war” and “kill innocent people”! They are filled in with so much anti-America propaganda in high school and college nowadays that it would seem almost impossible to get a “patriotic” emotion.
I would think that if they could see the pride of what American troops have accomplished in Afghanistan and Iraq, it might help, but where would they see that??? Most certainly NOT the Media. No way jose!
Most potential recruits know that there’s a good chance they’ll end up in Iraq within a year. We’re going on our fourth year of active warfare, and it’s tough sledding, recruiting wise. Even in WWII, a “popular” war, most people didn’t volunteer, they waited to get drafted.
Then there is another thing….. I wish our Government would pay the soldiers fighting on the ground much more then they are making now. And get away from this promising of benefits crap…. make it real cash, aka increasing salary.
When the invasion started, every time our soldiers ran into a firefight, the media tried to portray it as the worst military disaster since Custer’s Last Stand. Prior to the Jan 30th election, the MSM had many people believing that most Iraqis were not going to participate. Whenever our soldiers and marines engage the enemy in battle, the vast majority of times the MSM reports our casualties but not the enemies. The liberal media also fails to mention that we have won nearly all of these battles.
Here is the bottom line: the enemy has failed to accomplish nearly all of his objectives. The enemy failed to prevent the fall of Saddam Hussein. The enemy has failed to prevent free elections. The enemy has failed to start a civil war among the Shittes, Kurds, and Sunnis. The enemy has failed to generate a popular upraising against Coalition forces. The enemy has failed to prevent thousands of freedom loving Iraqis from volunteering for the new army and security forces despite desperate attempts of violate intimidation. The enemy has failed to prevent Bush’s reelection. The enemy has failed to prevent America and her allies from driving him from his strongholds like Fallujah. Finally, the enemy has failed to drive America from Iraq. And we ain’t leaving until we win!
What you need to realize is that you have not lost a war simply because the enemy shots back. You have not lost a war simply because it takes some years. People need to re-read about our struggles against determined foes such as the British Imperial Army, the Nazis, the Japanese army, and the communist North Korean army.
We won these wars, and many others, because we had determined leadership in Washington that supported our troops. The Bush Administration is showing that same support and millions of Americans are showing that support too. If it weren’t for the damned Media giving the mic to their socialist, un-American, haters of America their endless 15 minutes of fame you would be more aware of the truth about what awesome things our troops have done and are doing in this war against Islam.

05 Nov

What type of soldier are you?

I love quizes, well not all of them but a lot of them.haha Here is one we can take to see what we are made of.
But first I want to thank all those that truly are serving now…………OUR AWESOME MILITARY!


You scored as Combat Infantry. Your a combat infantry soldier,a grunt, a dogface, a footslogger. While some say your common, your a really a disciplined person who realizes the importantce of working in a team, and in reality you and your comrades get most of the work done. This country needs more people like you. Your a brave selfless person. And I salute you.

Combat Infantry


Support Gunner


Special Ops












Which soldier type are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

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04 Nov

Theodore’s World Has A Special Thank You……


I want to thank Big Dog for the awesome poem he wrote to Cao and I. WoW!

And I would also like to thank Cao for her kindness to me and all the hard work she has done, I mean to tell you she is doing tremendous work on keeping the facts all together about Jack Idema. And a big ole thank you to Jack Idema too and like Big Dog all the other Marines! OOHRAH! Thank you Marines!
This is the Poem that Big Dog wrote…….

Don’t Go Off Half Cocked
Guns don’t kill, people do what is all the strife?
If they took away all the guns out there, there’d still be loss of life
Criminals don’t obey the law, that’s how they got that name
As long as we let them on the streets, the outcome will be the same
Will a million laws against a thing make criminals refrain?
With all the laws against it, they still use cocaine
Twenty-thousand, that’s the number, of gun laws on the books
To let honest people have the guns and to keep them from the crooks
But now they’ll take guns from everyone, they say it keeps law and order
That’s like throwing out the baby, along with its bath water
No matter what happens we’ll always have our precious Second Amendment
And as long as liberals have their way, we’ll need to stand up and defend it
A man’s home is his castle, but it’s getting out of reach
Because of all the social problems, he’s always under seige
So let’s thank God our founding fathers, had the common sense
To allow the average citizen, a means of self defense
It might not be the answer, but it’s a start that will not fail
At least until all the criminals, are tucked away in jail
– author Big Dog

“Some people live an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference in the world, Marines don’t have that problem.” ~ President Ronald Regan
Do not attack the First Marine Division. Leave the yellowlegs alone. Strike the American Army” ~ Orders given to Communist troops in the Korean War; shortly afterward, the Marines were ordered to not wear their khaki leggings to keep the enemy from immediately fleeing.
“Marines are about the most peculiar breed of human beings I have ever witnessed. They treat their service as if it was some kind of cult, plastering their emblem on almost everything they own, making themselves up to look like insane fanatics with haircuts to ungentlemanly lengths, worshipping their Commandant almost as if he was a god, and making weird animal noises like a band of savages. They’ll fight like rabid dogs at the drop of a hat just for the sake of a little action, and are the cockiest SOB’s I have ever known. Most have the foulest mouths and drink well beyond man’s normal limits, but their high spirits and sense of brotherhood set them apart and , generally speaking, of the United States Marines I’ve come in contact with, are the most professional soldiers and the finest men I have had the pleasure to meet.”
~ An Anonymous Canadian Citizen
“The man who will go where his colors will go, without asking, who will fight a phantom foe in a jungle and mountain range, without counting, and who will suffer and die in the midst of incredible hardship, without complaint, is still what he has always been, from Imperial Rome to sceptered Britain to Democratic America. He is the stuff of which legions are made. His pride is his colors and his regiment, his training hard and thorough and coldly realistic, to fit him for what he must face, and his obedience is to his orders. As a legionary, he held the gates of civilization for the classical world…he has been called United States Marine.” ~ Lieutenant Colonel T.R. Fehrenbach, US Army in “This Kind of War”
“Retreat, hell we just got here!” ~ Captain Lloyd Williams, USMC at the Battle of Belleau Wood WWI
“Marines I see as two breeds, Rottweilers or Dobermans, because Marines come in two varieties, big and mean, or skinny and mean. They’re aggressive on the attack and tenacious on the defense. They’ve got really short hair and they always go for the throat.” ~ RAdm. “Jay’ R. Stark, U.S. Navy
“We’re surrounded? Good, now we can kill the bastards in any direction.”
~ Colonel Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller; Korean War
Don’t you forget that you’re First Marines! Not all the communists in H*ll can overrun you!
– Col. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC rallying his First
Marine Regiment near Chosin Reservoir, Korea, December 1950
We’re not retreating, Hell! We’re just attacking in a different direction! -(GEN. OLIVER SMITH, USMC)
I can’t say enough about the two Marine divisions. If I use words like brilliant, it would really be an under-description of the absolutely superb job they did in breaching the so-called impenetrable barrier. . .Absolutely superb operation, a textbook, and I think it’ll be studied for many, many years to come as the way to do it. -(General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 27 February 1991.)
I think the discipline I got in the Marine Corps made me discipline myself when I was training for fights. A lot of guys want to do things, but they don’t want to pay the price for it. I was able to, and the Marine Corps had a lot to do with it. -(Carmen Basiho, former World Welterweight and Middleweight boxing champion.)
The deadliest weapon in the world is a MARINE and his rifle! -(GEN. PERSHING, US.ARMY)
I liked being in the Marines. They gave me discipline I could live with. By the time I got out, I was able to cope with things on a more realistic level. -(Steve McQueen, Hollywood movie star.)
I was a model Marine.. My rifle was always clean, uniform always starched, and the shoes always shined. I guess that’s how I became so neat-sort of the Felix Unger of baseball roomates. Blame it on the Marines. -(Jay Johnstone, author, broadcaster and former major league outfielder.)
I’ve always been proud of being a Marine. I won’t hesitate to defend the Corps. -(Jonathan Winters, Comic Television star.)
It’s TIME to show our true character as a nation.One nation…under God…fighting for the “right stuff”. And it is our military who are going to pay the bill. Hey all you warriors “over there” …KILL ONE FOR THIS OLD JARHEAD!
Semper fi,
Major Bill Donahue USMC Ret
The count is in. Those Marines responding to the American
Courage Newsletter who are in favor of kicking the a** of
“So-d*mn” (credit to Wayne “Road” Halstead), Al-Qaeda, Bin-Laden,
France, etc, etc.: One Billion, Seven Hundred and Ninety Five
Million, Four Hundred and Ten Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety
Five. Those opposed: Eight. Troops it is time to lock and
load! You eight who don’t have the heart for it thank you
for your input. Now step to the rear of the formation and
report for Mess Duty. The Gunny has some items he wants to
discuss with you. I am too old to go and if I had to go I’d
be just as excited, apprehensive, keyed up, quiet, talkative
and sad as I was when I went to Viet Nam. But I’d go at the
drop of a hat. I’m not trying to cause someone else’s loved
one go into harm’s way. However, the time for talk is recorded
as having been ten years. The time is up. This time we have
a leader who is serious. Those who don’t think he is are in
serious hurt. The threat is real. My fear for my family,
friends, countrymen and Nation is real and growing. It is
time to eliminate this threat to our National existence. I’m
requesting transfer to Major Bill Donahue’s unit. I read his
comments in Newsletter #36 and I am with him! Major you tell
me the rally point and I’ll be standing tall with you. I’m
not as lean but I am still as mean and that will count for
something. Semper-Fi. God Bless all of our troops and
Heaven have mercy on our enemies. The Marines won’t.
Mike Koontz, USMC, 1963 – 1967

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04 Nov

New York Times Doctoring GI’s Quotes!

I must be a positive thinker, because I keep thinking the lies from the Media might one day stop. They might see the light and change their wicked, wicked ways. But it just is not going to happen in my lifetime or anyone else’s!

The New York Times has taken the words of a U.S. soldier who was killed in Iraq to make it seem that he thought his mission was senseless. The truth is exactly the opposite.
Here are the words from US Marine Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr in a letter he had written to his girlfriend……………..

“Obviously if you are reading this then I have died in Iraq. I kind of predicted this, that is why I’m writing this in November. A third time just seemed like I’m pushing my chances. I don’t regret going, everybody dies but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it’s not to me. I’m here helping these people, so that they can live the way we live. Not have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. To do what they want with their lives. To me that is why I died. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark.”

And this is the version that the NYT’s had…………………

Sifting through Corporal Starr’s laptop computer after his death, his father found a letter to be delivered to the marine’s girlfriend. “I kind of predicted this,” Corporal Starr wrote of his own death. “A third time just seemed like I’m pushing my chances.”

The letter was sent to Michelle Malkin. And at Mudville Gazette, Grayhawk also takes a look back on a few examples of the New York Times attacks on American GIs in the past. Kelli Pundit talks about it too.

04 Nov

This Virus Has Already Killed Thousands In The World

Victor David Hanson
November 04, 2005
The Real Global Virus
The plague of Islamism keeps on spreading

….”there is an emboldened sense that the jihadists can get away with their crimes based on three perceptions:
(1) Squabbling and politically correct Westerners are decadent and outnumber the U.S. Marines, and ascendant Islamicism resonates among millions of Muslims who feel sorely how far they have fallen behind in the new globalized world community — and how terrorism and blackmail, especially if energized by nuclear weapons or biological assets, might leapfrog them into a new caliphate.
(2) Sympathetic Muslim-dominated governments like Malaysia or Indonesia will not really make a comprehensive effort to eradicate radical Islamicist breeding grounds of terror, but will perhaps instead serve as ministries of propaganda for shock troops in the field.
(3) Autocratic states such as Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran share outright similar political objectives and will offer either stealthy sanctuary or financial support to terrorists, confident that either denial, oil, or nuclear bombs give them security .
Meanwhile, Westerners far too rarely publicly denounce radical Islam for its sick, anti-Semitic, anti-female, anti-American, and anti-modernist rhetoric. Just imagine the liberal response if across the globe Christians had beheaded schoolgirls, taken over schoolhouses to kill students, and shot school teachers as we have witnessed radical Muslims doing these past few months.”

Continue reading here……..

04 Nov

To All The Dems I Loved Before….NOT!


Excuse me Democrats but I do believe WE are in the Majority so stop acting like you own the joint and sit down and shut up! That goes for you Harry Reid and all the rest of ya’.

03 Nov

They Are Not Expendable !

Update on Jack Idema and Task Force Saber 7

Breaking News- November 1, 2005– Idema Saved the Life of Afghanistan’s New Prime Minister- FBI trying to stop Idema from talking about the assassination plot.
Voice of Mujahadeen prints new edition calling for the release of Idema for the fourth time in 30 days. Major Afghan newspaper quotes Afghan Supreme Court and Appeals Court Judges saying Idema and team were “completely innocent of all charges.” Editor being safeguarded in the Panjshir Valley and printing more papers in an undisclosed location.
The latest issue of the Voice of the Mujahadeen, is now calling for the resignation of the highest Supreme Court justice in Afghanistan, Sheik Faiz Shinwari. The paper has also attacked NDS Judge Abdul Basset Bakhtyari calling him a war criminal and citing a United Nations special report on the Afghan justice system. The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has twice called for Bakhtyari’s resignation and arrest.
Last week, the independent newspaper published by the Massoud Hero Foundation, and the Mujahadeen and Martyrs Group called for the immediate release of American Jack Idema and his Northern Alliance anti-terrorist team.
According to Appeals Court High Judge Saib Noor, the Court also ordered the release of Lieutenant Wahid Rasuli Banderas, an agent of the Afghan CIA, and one of the men imprisoned with Idema.
Banderas refused to leave Idema’s side and has remained in prison with Idema since then.
In February 2005 Idema and his team were found innocent of entering the county illegally when the Appeals Court saw video of their passports being handed to Customs Officials and Border Police.
In March 2004, the three Americans remaining in prison were found innocent of all charges after an undercover tape was played in which their accusers admitted there was no torture and that it was “all a show for the press.” A second tape was played with the terrorists discussing their plans to bomb Bagram Air base, the US airfield north of Kabul, and plotting to kill several national leaders. Idema and his men were still not released.
In July 2004 “Mr. Jack” was charged with entering the country illegally, torturing innocent Afghan civilians, and running a private jail. The paper contained the text of secret American government letters to President Hamid Karzai and classified letters during the 2001 war. It also contained pictures of Idema rescuing Afghan children and a two-page story on the terrorists that Idema’s team captured. The Voice of the Mujahadeen called them “national heroes.”

How is Jack being treated?
The US Consul saw so many bruises, lacerations, and burns on Jack that she almost threw up. Jack of course, had no problem stripping for her and making sure she saw all the marks. Then she waited two weeks to send a doctor, ordered the report.(Jack had two partially detached retinas from the concussions to his head and blows to his temples), then she (Sandra Ingram) said she would file a formal complaint, and instead told the Taliban guards who promptly handcuffed and beat Jack unconscious again when she left. These guys were burned, beaten, electrocuted, drugged, and beat with sticks and cables (metal whips the Taliban became famous for). The US Counsel and Ambassador knew all about it, and the FBI laughed about it.

Osama Bin Laden, your time is short.
We’d rather you die, than come to court.
Why are you hiding if it was in God’s name?
Your just a punk with a turban; a pathetic shame.
I have a question, about your theory and laws.
“How come you never die for the cause?”
Is it because you’re a coward who counts on others?
Well here in America, we stand by our brothers.
As is usual, you failed in your mission.
If you expected pure chaos, you can keep on wishing
Americans are now focused and stronger than ever
Your death has become our next endeavor.
What you tried to kill, doesn’t live in our walls.
It’s not in buildings or shopping malls. If all of
our structures came crashing down.
It would still be there, safe and sound.
Because pride and courage can’t be destroyed.
Even if the towers leave a deep void.
We’ll band together and fill the holes.
We’ll bury our dead and bless their souls.
But then our energy will focus on you.
And you’ll feel the wrath of the Red, White and Blue.
So slither and hide like a snake in the grass.
Because America’s coming to kick your ass!!!
Author ~ Lorie Terrell

Wild Thing’s Comment…..I will never forget 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, 1983 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut and the Marine barracks, 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking, 1988 Pan Am 747 Flight 103 Bombing, Lockerbie, 100’s murdered, 1992 a Hotel that housed US troops bombed in Yemen, 1993 First World Trade Center bombing, 1993 “Black Hawk Down”, on and on and on………
And then Sept. 11, 2005 the Second World Trade Center bombings delivered with two planes, then another plane at the Pentagon, and then Flight 93.
Well America did go and through our awesome firepower, our strong Military did kick their ass. The enemy went from cave to cave hiding and crouching in fear. Moving, always moving trying to avoid getting killed, or caught and put in prison. Jack Idema and Task Force Saber 7 were there, tracking the enemy down, doing what was necessary. There were arrests made, there were terrorists taken prisoner and there were those that were killed as well. Too bad so sad- NOT! Jack Idema and TFS7 along with the rest of our Military gave us action and they answered the call no questions asked. Duty-Honor- Country! And I support our Troops for that as always 1000%!
Special operations and commandos have always been part of military history ever since colonial times. In every conflict since the Revolutionary War, we have employed special people, tactics and strategies to exploit an enemy’s weakness and limitations. These remarkable people with myriad meaningful skills will always be there to carry out these hazardous operations in a cloak of secrecy.
The U.S. government established Project 404 in 1966 to set up a system whereby military personnel could operate covertly in Laos (“in the black”) without blatantly breaching the Geneva Accords. Technically our troops were not in Laos because the Individuals in Project 404 were assigned to out of country units generally at Udorn RTAFB or NKP. When they crossed over into Laos, their in-country existence was classified Top Secret from 1964 to1973. Being in the Black allowed these Special Ops personnel to come into country and perform military duties as civilians.
Operating in Laos in this manner could be extremely dangerous. One gave up their rights under the Geneva Convention when they removed the uniform and if caught by the bad guys it could mean certain death.
These men had to learn who to trust in a life-or-death situation and to do the job well, to succeed they had to think like a terrorist. Since Jack and his men were put in prison the US State Department has deserted our Afghan Allies and disavowed Jack Idema and his team leaving them to be tortured for Karzai’s political gain! So what is new about that? Nothing and that makes me sick! We all know how our country has left behind the POW’s and MIA’s. We all know that many times, that remains have been sent to families and loved ones and they were not those of the POW that’s name were on the remains. We all know how many Senators, etc. have NOT wanted to keep after countries that have our POW’s and MIA’s, and how they wanted to silence the whole darn thing.
Knowing all of that is it so far fetched that our country is not standing by these men, Jack and Task Force Saber 7? Is it so hard to believe that it might make more targets for the left to use to attack the right regarding a war the left is complaining about till we are nauseous?
America is the greatest country in the world, there is no other like it. But with that also comes responsibility. And in that area of being responsible when it comes to our Military, our Veterans and anyone left behind our GREAT Nation ranks rock bottom. Not that any other country is better in that area, NONE are! The truth is that the USA has freed more human beings in 230 years than the rest of the world combined. America has a provable history of freeing oppressed people all over the world in fighting evil dictators. But with the vast power we have and because we are stronger, we owe those that did the work, that paid the highest price of all, that made personal sacrifices for our country to go where they were sent, to fight so others would know freedom and to keep us free and safe……..well we OWE our Military, we owe men like Jack and his men to stand by them, to fight for them, and in some way pay them back for all they have done.
Please go to these sites for more information:
Big Dog’s Blog
Cao’s Blog
TMH’s Bacon Bits
Rottweiller Puppy
“”The SuperPatriots and Jack images on this site are used by us (or “Theodore’s World”) with written copyright permission and any use by any third party is subject to legal action by SuperPatriots.US”
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03 Nov

Don’t Dress West If You Know What’s Best!

Consider, if you will, the humble mannequin. Where would retail be without those plastic molded women who demonstrate what a dress or pair of pants looks like from all angles? Iranian women soon will soon not have that privilege.

City tackles titillating mannequins

Police in northeastern Iran are launching a new morality drive by confiscating alluring mannequins from boutiques and clothes stalls in the bazaar, authorities in the city of Bojnourd said Monday.
A spokesman for the city’s judiciary, who asked not be named, explained the drive would tackle problems of “public chastity.” He said 65 mannequins have been impounded so far.
He explained the crack-down on tailors’ dummies was part of a larger offensive against anti-social behavior such as vandalism and biker gangs.
Bojnourd owes its traditional religious climate to the nearby shrine city of Mashhad, a focal point of pilgrimage for the world’s Shi’ite Muslims.

So what exactly are “alluring mannequins” anyway? Mannequins not wearing a burkha? Mannequins who are not veiled? Mannequins who smile?

02 Nov

The Left Using American Children!

Group organizes walkout by students to protest war
By Nick Perry
Seattle Times staff reporter

A planned student walkout Wednesday to protest the Iraq war is causing friction and uncertainty in some schools. An advocacy group called Youth Against War and Racism is organizing a rally and march in downtown Seattle as part of a national protest on the first anniversary of President Bush’s re-election. Organizers, who want high-school students to walk off campus at noon, said they’re expecting as many as 2,000 students from 30 schools in Seattle and beyond.
Organizers plan to begin the rally at 1 p.m. at Westlake Center, then at 2 p.m. march to the Capitol Hill Arts Center for workshops, a concert and speeches. School officials are not sanctioning the walkout, which is also meant to protest military recruitment in high schools.
“Obviously our goal is to have students in class,” said Peter Daniels, a spokesman with Seattle Public Schools. “Kids are going to have to make decisions about whether they attend. Each school has attendance policies.”
If students are absent without parental permission, it will result in a mark against their attendance record, Daniels said. Even with parental permission, some schools will not allow students to be absent for protests, he said. Each school has autonomy in how to deal with such situations, he added.
But protest organizer Carrie Hathorn said that for students, most of whom are too young to vote, walking out of class is one of the few ways to express their political views.
“We let them know that this is an act of civil disobedience, and then let them decide,” she said. “There could be punishments or repercussions. It’s in the hands of the students.

And Michelle Malkin has more on this as well as past protests using children too.
Wild Thing’s Comment………
So when it is 10 years from now and little Dick and Jane want to cut classes, want to hang out on the street and have no ambition. When they are asked who the President is and they only know the latest pop star and they are 22 years old. We will know who to blame right? YEP you got it! It won’t be the Republicans, it will be the Democrats, the left socialist, communist Democrats that are totally and completely to blame!
The sad fact is that these liberals are interferring with the education of these children and thus America’s future. Not only that but they are forcing them to protest against our Military and our Country. They are teaching them NOTHING about why we live in a free land, and what it cost our Veterans, our Troops today, our POW’s and MIA’s. What it cost families of those that fought to let us be a land of the free and stay that way.
Hey Liberals, know what??!!?? The terrorists want you just as dead as they want those of us dead that support the troops. They are not your friends and you have chosen the wrong side to be on. You are Traitors To America! Check it out you Liberal freaks, go to my Traitors to America page at my web site!

02 Nov

His Name Is Jack and He Is A Hero!

He is the soldier, who more than a decade ago first warned the Pentagon about the Russian Mafia selling suitcase nuclear bombs to terrorist supporting nations. Suitcase nuke proliferation is reportedly much worse since Idema first told the Pentagon what he learned from the Lithuanian KGB about the illicit traffic. That story by the way, won major awards when reported by CBS “60 Minutes”, though CBS chose not to credit their major source – Jonathan K. Idema.
He is Former Green Beret Sgt. Jonathan Keith Idema, who was known only as “Jack” in Afghanistan. For more details of his extensive background go here.
To Idema, the allied strategy of ‘hunkering down’ guaranteed defeat against the cunning and nimble Taliban and Al Qaeda. “That’s why Alexander lost, that’s why the British lost…and we’re going to lose too,” Idema said at the time. “You can’t beat these guys with (conventional forces) and armored tanks. We can only beat them by CIA and Special Forces riding around on…camels and horses, wearing their clothes, eating their…food and hunting (them).”
That, Idema said, was precisely what he and Task Force Saber 7 did.
Please go to Cao’s Blog to get a very complete and detailed history of what has been happening to Jack Idema. Of how he and his men were put in prison. You will learn how Jack and his men Task Force Saber 7 were declared innocent of all charges , YEP that was March of 2005 . THIS YEAR and they are still in prison! Read why, it is an amazing and almost hard to believe story except that it is all true! It is NOT a movie that is done in 2 or 3 hours. It is real, it is terrifying and it has to do with men that lived in danger to fight terrorism so that it would not come on our shores again here in the United States of America.
Wild Thing comment……..
Our enemy and the enemy that Israel has had for over 50 years are one and the same. They follow the Quran, worship death including their own and send their own children off to be suicide bombers. They are all are ALL members of the Muslim Brotherhood !

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Never forget the things said and why it was so important to have men like Jack and Task Force Saber 7 out there for us, for America.

“Carrying out terrorism…is one of the tenets of our religion and Shari’ah…This war is fundamentally religious…Under no circumstances should we forget this enmity between us and the infidels. For the enmity is based on creed.” – Osama Bin Laden

“We do not differentiate between those dressed in military uniforms and civilians; they are all targets in this fatwah.” – Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden’s lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri has said….””What you have seen, O Americans, in New York and Washington and the losses you are having in Afghanistan and Iraq, in spite of all the media blackout, are only the losses of the initial clashes. If you continue the same policy of aggression against Muslims, God willing, you will see the horror that will make you forget what you had seen in Vietnam.”

I read everything I could find to teach myself about Islam, sought out articles and books on how terrorists work and their cells, so many things. That is why I am so shocked when I hear someone, anyone, a civilian, a Politician, anyone in our Government say that Islam is a Religion of Peace and Love. For anyone to use those words referring to Islam is not only lying to the world, but they are also lying to themselves. By saying such things they shred my confidence in them as to their mental state and intelligence. If it is meant to kiss up to the Nation of Islam, to the Muslims living here in America, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc. it does not work. It does not change followers of Islam’s hate toward infidels and it most certainly angers the hell out of me I can tell you.
Now look every man in my family has served this country. They represent every branch and a few of them were in situations my family could not know where they were, what they were doing, and what mission they were on. You have seen movies of Military operations that no one is supposed to know about and then what happens….the governmdent says I never knew you. It is a deal made in hell for our service men. But they do it and they damn well do it well! Jack took the risks, he and his fellow men. Risks of great danger and he is innocent of charges made against him. Even the court said so, so I want the back slapping politicians, and our Governemnt to stop the BS about this and take care of business not leaving anyone behind, not turning their backs on those fighting terrorism.
To men like Jack and our Military Duty , Honor, Country DO mean something and we need to show them that we know what it means too. How often have any of us said, I know I thknk it every day……My Freedom came at the highest cost of all and I can never repay it . But we can at least try and that means writing letters, making phone calls and doing what we can to get the truth out about men like Jack Idema and Task Force Saber 7…….because they are Heroes! I have met thousands of men and women in the Military over the years and one thing that stands out is that the Oath they took did not stop when they got out of the service. For them it continues even today. So our support should continue as well……never ending, never wavering.