31 Mar

Never Give Up There Is Always A Rainbow

From Wild Thing
((((hugs))) all around!
Love you all!

Thank you God for answering my prayers and Linda’s too.
No more tears, ONLY Rainbows from now on.

I love you all and thank you Linda for all you have done to help in this nightmare these last three weeks.

31 Mar


Hi there. ’tis me again, LindaSoG.
This is it. Everything is up and running at the brand new host, there are no glitches, no time outs, no delays, no corrupt databases, no hackers, and no slackers.
Thank you all for your patience while we got everything restored and up and running.
Carry on!

31 Mar

Just a note

As of right now I belong to two hosting places. The one I had joined last weekend to attempt to remedy the crashing of my blog apparently is unable to handle the size of my blog and website. Of course they did not say that in their statements of what they promised in size etc. But when it comes to having a blog and a website size does matter in regards to a host and what they can handle.
I don’t know all the details as to how this happened so that I can explain it clearly but today, sometime this morning I guess the posts from March 24 up to the 30th have disappeared,and all of your marvelous comments which breaks my heart because you see I LOVE your comments so much. I learn from your sharing and input a lot and your humor as well makes my day!
So after I got home from work on Thursday, I signed up for the absolute top of the line host. It is ranked #1 on the list. It takes a few days for the new host to set things up at their end so right now I will have to make do with this the way it is.
My personality is one that never gives up when I believe in something or someone. A blog is like a living thing in some ways, as each person that has one shares a part of themselves in their writing, their interests in what they post about, and if like me a person that loves graphics, then their graphics as well and their sense of humor.
As friends like all of you stop by and comment it becomes a kind of home online to stop by and have a morning coffee with and discuss something happening in the world. Or a late night chat, rant or cheer as well. Thus making each one of you a large part of a blog and like a little blog family.
All these past few weeks of the site crashing, posts disappearing etc., come down to in reality as a drop in the bucket as far as an entire lifetime of what this blog will be from now on. It will be looked back on as a bump in the road and I feel this strongly. Every once and awhile in life when things happen that are at the time hard to take they build a strength within of not giving up and hanging in there.
The only thing that is devastating when it happens is when the site is down and the idiotic host puts a page up that says to contact the technical/ billing dept. Making it appear I am not paying. But in fact I have every payment receipt and have not missed one from day one with any host. It is just a page they choose to use instead of a sensible one saying the site is down come back later. I take this kind of thing very seriously. So when they do this it is very upsetting and that part I will never be able to laugh it off even later on.
Thank you for reading this. I just thought I should explain to you why your comments on the last few days have disappeared along with the posts.
And now back to the regular scheduled programing. hahaha

26 Mar

Company C Soldiers Seek Out Enemy Forces

TIGRIS, Iraq — Soldiers from Company C, 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 506th Infantry Regiment, conducted a waterborne operation across the Tigris River March 15 to search designated houses for weapons, improvised-explosive devices and bomb-making materials.
While most of the elements are referred to by the cavalry designation of “Troop”, Company C is composed of infantry Soldiers, adding an extra dimension to the battalion’s mixed reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition force.

“We’re basically the brigade Lerps,” explained Sgt. Jason Hughes, team leader for 1st Platoon, referring to the nick-name for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols that were a legendary force during the Vietnam War.

Hughes and his Soldiers had been living in the field for days preparing for this operation, he said. His unit, a mix of marksmen, mortars and medical elements, had already eliminated terrorists from their side of the river. They also scouted the target houses that were slated to be engaged during the final phase of the operation.

“This was a long operation,” said Hughes, “It started about two weeks ago with counter-fire and mortar operations. “We reconned the area three days ago in preparation for the cordon and knock.”

Three of the houses had been targeted as being possible safe houses for anti-Iraqi forces. During the area reconnaissance, troops observed discarded water bottles, anti-Coalition graffiti and bed rolls inside the gutted buildings. Civilians in the area had expressed concern about “foreigners and outsiders” coming through the area occasionally, believing these strangers to be conducting terrorist operations.
The Soldiers of Company C loaded up in Zodiac boats under the light of the full moon and glided across the ancient river to rendezvous with their objective, the culmination of the work and hardship the team had endured.

“The waterborne training we had back on the lake at Fort Campbell was good,” said Pfc. Harold Turner, a native of Marion, Ind. “We can’t get a lot of training out here. We do rehearsals, make sure everybody knows their position.”

The troops of Company C are adamant in their belief that missions like this are effective in their area of operations.

“We’re definitely making a difference,” said Spc. Charles Butcher, an infantryman with 1st Platoon. “When we first got to Rustamiyah, the forward operating base was getting mortared nightly; it’s not like that now. The number of IEDs has gone down drastically since we got here.”

When the Soldiers moved up to the suspect houses, they received little resistance from the Iraqi citizens in the area.

“They see us from over there, on the other side of the river, but they haven’t really ‘seen’ American forces in about eight or nine months,” said Hughes. “Now they know we can show up at any time, especially with a unit like ours – you never know.”

Company C searched numerous buildings, questioned the locals about possible criminal activity and scoured the area for the enemy. They would leave the area hours later with a few more leads to be followed up on.

“It was a dry hole, but you’re going to get that sometimes,” said Hughes. “Overall, it was a success from an operational standpoint. If nothing else, we made our presence known out there,” Hughes said. “This is what I love. What I love more than anything else is to come out here and come after the bad guys.”


26 Mar

Clerical Error Recruits 78 Year Old Woman

Santa Clarita Woman, 78, Asked To Enlist As Marine
Click HERE to see Video of story. It is so cute.

AP) SAUGUS, Calif. Sonia Goldstein was flattered by the nice recruiting letter asking her to consider becoming one of “the few, the proud.”
But at age 78, she thinks she may be just a little old to enlist in the Marine Corps.
The letter told her the corps could use her unique language skills, but also warned that life as a Marine would test her physical and mental abilities.
Goldstein says she’ll do whatever she can for her country, but this is kind of stretching it .
The Marines ordinarily recruit people 18 to 27, says Major Joseph Kloppel, a Corps spokesman. He says the letter must have been sent by mistake.
Sonia Goldstein, 78, thought it was hilarious when she received a recruitment letter from the Marine Corps. She said ” Uncle Sam wants me I just don’t want KP duty. I would do whatever I could for this great country we live in.”

Wild Thing’s comment…..
I had to post about this story because the timing is so perfect. haha Plus what a dear woman she is and she was so excited to get the letter from the Marines even if by mistake. ( big smile)
The reason the timing is so funny to me is because this last week I looked in the phone book and called the Marine recuitment office here in town. I asked them if they needed anyone to answer phones, make coffee etc. I also told the Marine on the phone that I was an expert marksman with almost any gun I have ever used. The man was so nice and said they had one of their own that answered the phone, did filing etc. And that depending on my age I
He said with a lot of kindness in his voice ( you know when you can tell the person is smiling by his voice on the phone) thank you for offering we are here to protect you and we appreciate your desire to serve.
I thanked him and told him how proud I was of his service to our country.
So I really giggled when I saw the Marines had sent this lady older then I am a letter. I bet she saves it.

25 Mar

Testing… one… two…

This is Linda again…. doing another test….
Okay, looks like everything is working.

23 Mar

Blogger Annoying Little Twerp aka Barb Doing A Great Thing for the Troops

Annoying Little Twerp is doing something very special for the Troops
On April 9 she is walking the St. Louis half-marathon to raise money for the USO.
” I’m not working through any group I just decided to put my feet to good use. If you could mention what I’m doing and/or link my post on your respective blogs, I would be so appreciative. I’m just a silly little blogger trying to giving something back to those who guard our freedom and I thank you for all you help!”….Barb aka Annoying Little Twerp
Barb aka Annoying Little Twerp, you are NOT a silly little blogger at all. You are wonderful and I am so proud of you my friend! ………((hugs)) , Wild Thing
This is from her site

I’m walking the St. Louis half-marathon(13.3 miles) on Sunday, April 9 2006.
I’m walking in memory of the late Robert “StinKerr” Kerr-a wonderful gentleman I met through BMEWS and to raise money for the USO.
My goal is to raise $500 by April 9.
I KNOW you want to help-and here’s how you do it:
1. Click on the USO link then click on the donate link on the main page.You can donate online, by phone, and there’s even a handy-dandy form that you can print out and mail in for those of you that prefer to donate by check.
2. e-mail me at mollymarine@sbcglobal.net so that I can know who you are-I’m listing donors on a “Post of Honor”. If you’d like to do things “anonymously’ just let me know and I’ll list you that way. you can also leave a comment for this post
3.Sit back and pat yourself on the back for doing a good thing for our men and women in uniform.
I decided that since I walk so much anyway, well I might as well put my feet to good use.
I’m hoping to walk several other “long” walks between now and labor day-and raise funds for a different pro-troops organization each time.
Right now my goal is raise at least $500 for the USO.
Please help me make that goal!

23 Mar

A Great Reply To Coward Anti-American Toles

WaPo Weasels
Wanna draw a soldier, Toles? Here I am,
Back with all four limbs from Vietnam.
You wanna draw pictures of fighting men?
Just tell me where and tell me when.
I’ll give you a pose to impress any viewer,
Your punk arty ass comatose in the sewer.
Like all of your kind you don’t have a clue
Who fightin’ men are and what fightin’ men do.
That you, your kind, you effete panty waists,
With Hollywood morals, metrosexual tastes,
Would taunt a brave warrior’s fight for life,
Mock his loss, his pain, deride his strife;
And use his sorrow to support your screed,
With no concern for the warrior’s need,
Tells me you are clueless of the facts of war,
You’re a cut ‘n run, spineless, media whore.
Go to Walter Reed hospital, smug Mr. Toles,
To see those you’ve mocked, grave injured souls
View wounded warriors with bodies so broken
And think again of the message you’ve spoken,
So abysmally ignorant, so smug condescending
That even most liberals won’t waste time defending.
So Toles it’s a fact that your most famous work
Will proclaim you forever as a pitiless jerk.
And Washington Post you’re as bad as this weasel
You gave him the forum, provided his easel.
~Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

Wild Thing’s comment….
Thank you Mark for sending this to me.And thank you for serving our country my friend.