22 Apr

How N.O.W. Red Cow!


When: April 29th
Freaks N.O.W. organization’s website ….HERE

N.O.W. encourages activists, supporters, friends, and family to prepare for a mass mobilization to call for an end to the war and to change the direction of our country. Join with progressives from women’s rights organizations, the peace movement, environmental groups, civil rights, labor, and religious communities on April 29, 2006 to march in New York City.
The march will kick off in Manhattan, just north of Union Square and proceed south along Broadway to Foley Square, where the Peace and Justice Festival will take place.
We cannot continue to allow the security and human rights conditions to further deteriorate in Iraq. We cannot stand by while U.S. corporations like Halliburton and Bechtel continue to receive contracts worth billions of dollars for reconstruction and other activities in Iraq. We cannot let our country continue toward a trillion dollar debt.
Our call, enough is enough.
Now is the time to give peace a chance. Now is the time to make a difference.
Organize to join the march. Organize to make a difference. Organize because our soldiers need to come home and because U.S. and Iraqi lives depend on it.

Wild Thing’s comment……
Gosh do you think they will be speaking out against the insurgents who are bombing schools and mosques and trying to intimidate voters in Iraq? How Saddam and his sons treated women? I am not going to hold my breath.
N.O.W. is a bunch of men hating, hairy lipped, Fonda ass kissing, Bush hating, haters of real women too if you think about it, dried up broads, that probably haven’t gotten laid in years if ever.
OK so you guessed it, I am NOT a fan of N.O.W. or any organization of women’s lib. I am against womens lib.
I always remember how the phony N.O.W. group were asked time and again why they did not speak up about Bill Clinton and his treatment of women ( ” put some ice on it”) and they never did and never will. Why? Because N.O.W. truly does not care about women and protecting them. ONLY if it fits their agenda will they take a stand for battered, raped and abused women etc. If it had not been Clinton doing that crap and instead a Republican then you bet they would have had a reaction.
N.O.W is just another group that is aiding the enemy!

TomR says:

I could not comment better about NOW than you have Wild Thing. They really are as anti-women as islam is.

Rhod says:

Women’s Movement issues as expressed by NOW and its sister organizations has always been an imbedded part the standard leftist agenda. Look hard enough, and you find the dialogue and terms are Marxist. Sorry, Suricou; it is.

Wild Thing says:

Thanks Tom, those womens groups are a pet peeve of mine. haha

Wild Thing says:

Rhod,Amen! heh heh, I don’t think Suricou Raven is going to like my post. (twinkle in my eye and a chuckle)