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03 Aug

Where or When ….Vietnam War tribute

This is a great Dion DiMucci song, Where or When. This video is a tribute to the men who fought

03 Jun

Dad’s Rootbeer Was One Of The Sponsors for Indy 500 and Has Also Been To Vietnam

Two G.I.s drinking Dad’s Root Beer on hilltop near A Shah Valley Vietnam June 1968 . Dad’s is one of

30 May

Rolling Thunder 2010 Memorial Weekend and Enemy Within Obama Will Not Be There ~ GOOD!

The roar of hundreds of thousands of motorcycles will fill the streets of our nation’s capital this weekend in tribute

18 May

‘Family Guy” TV Show Hits Rock Bottom As They Attack Dead Soldiers From The Vietnam War!

. Here’s what happens: On a search to find the source of all dirty jokes (which eventually leads them to

08 May

For Those Like Me That Love The Huey ~ Thank You Veterans and Troops!

This video is footage from various sources of the huey helicopter at work. It includes different models of the world’s

01 May

Buddies, Hometowns Honor Last Two Marines Killed in Vietnam War

Cpl. Charles McMahon, left, and Lance Cpl. Darwin L. Judge were the last Marines killed in the Vietnam War .

22 Apr

David Ball – Riding With Private Malone

The story in “Riding with Private Malone” tells of a young man that just got out of the military and

07 Apr

Vietnam-era Photo hanging in a Cafe Unearths Memories, Emotions

Family photographs of Army Sgt. John E. Miller, who died in Vietnam in 1966, lay on a table at the

07 Apr

Hanoi Jane – Communist and Traitor Said On Larry King Show “Hanoi Jane ‘Myth’ ‘Created by Right-Wingers,’

. Jane Fonda Decries Hanoi Jane ‘Myth’ ‘Created by Right-Wingers,’ Read more: Newsbusters On Monday’s Larry King Live on

24 Feb

God’s Own Lunatics by Joe Galloway Video by the Silver Spurs, A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry

God’s Own Lunatics by Joe Galloway put to pictures by the Silver Spurs, A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry, Vietnam ’67-’72.