18 May

‘Family Guy” TV Show Hits Rock Bottom As They Attack Dead Soldiers From The Vietnam War!


Here’s what happens: On a search to find the source of all dirty jokes (which eventually leads them to Virginia) Peter, Quagmire, and Joe pass through Washington, DC where they see the Washington Monument, the Obama Monument (it’s black) and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Standing in front of the Memorial are two Vietnam Vets and a Vietnamese man who calls the Memorial a “scoreboard” and says “aw, what happened to your friends? Hey I know that guy, I killed him, he cried like a bitch. Vietnam! Undefeated!”


Wild Thing’s comment……..
I have never watched this show but this kind of thing crosses the line BIG TIME!
I googled Seth MacFarlane the creator of the show, he is a Democrat and an atheist. The kind that can’t seem to get down in the gutter enough.
He has donated over $50,000 to various Democratic congressional committees and to the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama. per wikipukia.
Obsviously ” Famiy Guy” is not a funny show. I have seen the other one a couple of times….. South Park and they can be funny, plus South Park is NOT Seth MacFarlne and South Park is the one that made fun of Muhammad that all the Muslims got ticked about.

…. Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

Jim says:

The tobacco companies have been villified for using cartoonish characters (Joe Camel) to subtlely market their product to kids. Here we have this vile cartoon which will be watched by kids, but it’s ok because they bash the right, and make fun of religion. Further indoctrination of our young people.

mark says:

Where do these liberal scumbags, no nothing ignorant bastards come from and where do they get off putting out trash like that. Its bastards like him that take full advantage of his rights that that “Scoreboard” provided him. The shame of it is those men on that wall knowingly provided this lowlife scum-sucking-pig with the Liberty to do so and to denigrate them in such a manner is the height of ignorance.

Lynn says:

I cannot stand this show anymore. It has deteriorated into a pile of scum ridden jokes and filth. It’s not funny anymore. How dare they make fun of those with Downs and those on the Vietnam wall? I know he lives for the reactions, but my reaction is to stop watching his show, as should everyone else. Boycott it-make him feel it where it counts.

Wild Thing says:

Jim, I agree so much. They use these cartoon shows to do just that.

Wild Thing says:

Mark, ditto big time all you said.

Wild Thing says:

Lynn, I agree, I hope the word gets out what they did on this show.

Anonymous says:

Being a left/libtard means never having to apologize or have humor that’s actually funny– Commisar says laugh!

Anonymous says:

P.S. Aren’t Robert Gibbs and Peter Lowenbrau Griffin actually the same guy?

Heltau says:

if that zipper head had actually done that at the real memorial mr vet nam undefeated would have been buried right there, after he was set afire.