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17 Sep

9/11 Hero, Vietnam Veteran to Be Honored Next to World Trade Center Steel

The Rick Rescorla statue depicts a scene during The Battle of la Drang in Vietnam…..His ‘Follow Me’ bronze statue likeness.

09 Sep

Alabama State Fair To Have Welcome Home Celebration for our Vietnam Veterans

Alabama State Fair with a Welcome Home Celebration for our Vietnam Veterans October 9th Greetings my friends, As you know

22 Aug

Letter To Nancy Pelosi from a Vietnam Veteran

Vietnam Veteran Dennis Guthrie Of Guthrie, David, Henderson & Staton, P.L.L.C., Takes On Nancy Pelosi . Nancy Pelosi, Obama Democrats

17 Aug

Fort Campbell Welcomes Home Vietnam vets

Vietnam veterans enter a hangar at Fort Campbell, Ky., during a ceremony welcoming them home Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009. Hundreds

16 Aug

Veterans from WWII, Korean and VietNam in Parade in Key Peninsula, Wash. by Jack

Amongst WWII, Korean and VietNam Veterans, my first parade, we rode in the M35A2’s owned by a couple members of

13 Aug

VFW: Woodstock Wasn’t the Only Thing Happening 40 Years Ago

VFW: Woodstock Wasn’t the Only Thing Happening 40 Years Ago Newsbusters By Colleen Raezler While some in the media have

20 Jul

A Vietnam Veteran Writes About the Traitor Cronkite


06 Jul

Robert McNamara Dead Good Riddance You POS! NO Mourning Here

Robert Strange McNamara (born June 9, 1916, in Oakland, California ) is an American business executive and the former 8th

26 Jun

U.S. Vietnam Veterans Send Home Fallen Comrades

A computer screen reveals the location of a Vietnam War aircraft shot down over the sea off the central province

14 Jun

After Nearly 40 Years, a Salute Honoring Minnesota’s Vietnam Veterans

Nine-year-old Kaleb Bartlett searched for the name of a soldier killed in Vietnam on a replica of the National Vietnam