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27 Oct

Sherlock Holmes….Terror By Night (1946) Thriller

  Directed and produced by Roy William Neill, written by Frank Gruber, based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, starring Basil

26 Oct

Sherlock Holmes ….Dressed to Kill (1946) Thriller

  Directed and produced by Roy William Neill, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (story), Frank Gruber and Leonard Lee,

12 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE UNLUCKY GAMBLER

  THE CASE OF THE UNLUCKY GAMBLER: Young Andrew Fenwick hires Holmes to find his father, Herbert, who’s been missing

11 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE DIAMOND TOOTH

  THE CASE OF THE DIAMOND TOOTH: Watson’s examination of a body found in the Thames reveals he was crushed

10 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE NEUROTIC DETECTIVE

  THE CASE OF THE NEUROTIC DETECTIVE: Watson is alarmed by Holmes stranger-than-usual behavior: hiding a necklace in his humidor,

09 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE ROYAL MURDER

  THE CASE OF THE ROYAL MURDER: While visiting King Conrad in his Balkan nation, his highness requests Holmes and

08 Sep


  THE CASE OF THE BAKER STREET BACHELORS: Candidate Jeffery Bourne is being blackmailed with false abuse charges by a

07 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE SHOELESS ENGINEER

  THE CASE OF THE SHOELESS ENGINEER: While out on a walk, Holmes and Watson come upon an injured man

06 Sep


  THE CASE OF THE HAUNTED GAINSBOROUGH: Malcolm MacGregan will lose his family’s Scottish castle if he can’t make the

05 Sep

Sherlock Holmes (TV-1955) THE EXHUMED CLIENT

  THE CASE OF THE EXHUMED CLIENT: Sir Charles Farnsworth’s will states that Holmes is to investigathe is death. He