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12 Aug

Schitt’s Creek- David’s Heart Attack

  David Rose (Daniel Levy) explains to sister Alexis (Annie Murphy) that his health is declinaviding dramatically in the stressful,

11 Aug

Best of Café Tropical – Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek’s premier restaurant, Café Tropical, run by waitress and owner Twyla Sands.    

10 Aug

Noah Reid performs A Case of You … Noah Reid interprète A Case of You

  Lyrics Just before our love got lost you said “I am as constant as a northern star” And I

08 Aug

Alexis Rose: Tamagotchi Murderer – Schitt’s Creek

  Alexis can’t be trusted after what she did to David’s tamagotchis.    

07 Aug

Wake Up With the Schitt’s: With Special Guest Twyla

  Jocelyn (Robertson) released a new gardening book! Roland (Elliott) recounts a near death experience. Guest Twyla (Sarah Levy), waitress

06 Aug

Schitt’s Creek Stars Share Their On-Set Essentials

  Stars of Schitt’s Creek–including Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliott, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Tim Rozon and Dustin Milligan–reveal

05 Aug

Schitt’s Creek – Celebrating 50 Episodes

  The cast of Schitt’s Creek commemorates a major milestone: the comedy series’ 50th episode.    

04 Aug

Schitt’s Creek – Scouting the Sale

Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and Johnny (Eugene Levy) peruse the goods on display in this scene from Schitt’s Creek.    

03 Aug

25 Things You Missed In Schitt’s Creek

  Schitt’s Creek’s popularity has skyrocketed, gaining more and more fans with every season and being a beloved show across