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29 Jun

Alexis & Twyla’s Friendship Timeline – Schitt’s Creek

  The full story of how Twyla becomes Alexis’s best girlfriend in Schitt’s Creek.    

28 Jun

The Rise of Rose Apothecary – Schitt’s Creek

  David sets out to turn the town’s general store into a branded immersive experience with a little help from

27 Jun

The Full Blooper Reel – Schitt’s Creek

  Even the cast of Schitt’s Creek can’t keep a straight face during these scenes.    

26 Jun

The Best of David’s Outdoors – Schitt’s Creek

David survives a hunting trip, a rope course, a baseball game, and a harrowing hike.    

25 Jun

Best of Bob’s Garage – Schitt’s Creek

  A timeline of Johnny’s funniest moments working with Bob, Schitt’s Creek’s cheerful mechanic.    

24 Jun

David and Stevie Have a Heart-to-Heart – Schitt’s Creek

  David brings Stevie to the house that Patrick wanted to buy.    

23 Jun

David and Patrick’s Wedding – Schitt’s Creek

  Moira gives a beautiful wedding speech, and David and Patrick exchange vows.  

22 Jun

Schitt’s Creek – You are my Mariah Carey

  Patrick (Noah Reid) seizes an unexpected moment to take his relationship with David (Daniel Levy) to the next level.

21 Jun

Patrick Post-Wisdom Teeth – Schitt’s Creek

  After getting his wisdom teeth removed, Patrick shares an idea with David.    

20 Jun

Patrick Proposes to David – Schitt’s Creek

  After a long hike, Patrick proposes to David.