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09 Feb

Like Most Great Businessmen especially in New York, listen and learn. Trump is AWESOME!!

  Donald Trump’s Connection To The Mob | Michael Franzese     Wild Thing’s comment…….. Thank you Michael. I love

02 Feb

President Trump’s support growing outside D.C. ‘There’s a huge disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country’

  National news reporter shocked to find Trump’s support growing outside D.C. Since leaving office, the support for Donald Trump

01 Feb

President Trump Is AWESOME. China Joe Biden is a POS Communist/Socialist!!

  I support Trump and the MAGA agenda. I do not support the GOP who have worked against the MAGA

29 Jan

Trump & McCarthy vow to ‘take back the House in 2022’

President Donald Trump and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy have launched a plan to “take back the House in 2022”