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16 Feb

TRUMP TRIUMPH: Trump waves to supporters during impromptu rally in Florida

     Donald Trump has waved to the throng of supporters who gathered near his residence in south Florida

12 Feb

Trump’s Lawyer David Schoen EXPOSES Dems For Playing Manipulated Video of Capitol Riot

Trump’s Lawyer David Schoen just EXPOSED the Democrats for playing manipulated video of the Capitol Riot during the impeachment trial.

12 Feb

Trump defense team plays video of Democrats ‘inciting’ language

WASHINGTON: Trump’s defense team lays out a scathing video featuring countless times that prominent Democratic lawmakers, advocates, and liberal-leaning celebrities

12 Feb

RINOs and Super PACs Are Targeting America First Republicans

  Donald Trump was a threat to the Establishment in BOTH parties.The Republican Party should still be the #AmericaFirst​ party.

11 Feb

Trump Lawyer Flips Script, Plays Video of Dems While They Sit In Shameful Silence

  February 9th……Trump’s Lawyer David Schoen just flipped the script at the Impeachment Trial and played a video exposing Democrats