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25 Jan

Tucker Carlson warns of H.R.1.’s (For the People Act of 2021)danger to democracy

  Wild Thing’s comment…….. This will institutionalize stolen elections nationwide. NO ID required to obtain a mail in ballot. =

24 Jan

From Greatness President Trump to Darkness China Joe Biden by Diamond & Silk

  Diamond and Silk say “they will never be able to erase Trump’s legacy: millions of jobs created, record low

21 Jan

Dark Days Ahead – The Dan Bongino Show

  Wild Thing’s comment…….. President Trump is the LAST TRUE President. Trump WON and Biden and the left stole the

20 Jan

Goodbye my beloved America and now with Biden/Harris it will be SOCIALISM and COMMUNISIM

Music……..Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence   Wild Thing’s comment……… Goodbye my beloved America, you will always live in my