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11 Oct

Their Perspective

  Click on the Cartoon And this from Jihad Watch Islam permits killing of “infidel’ civilians: Zarqawi tape Zarqawi: Islam

10 Oct

Islam the Death Cult

List of Islamic Terror attacks since September 11,2001 “Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made

08 Oct

Al Qaeda Offering Job Opportunities

DUBAI (Reuters) Article HERE– Al Qaeda has put job advertisements on the Internet asking for supporters to help put together

06 Oct

Free Piglet!

This is really bugging me so I have to do one more post about Piglet and what the Muslims are

06 Oct

A Big Shove It!….To The Pressures From Islam

Hmmmm…..Let’s see, the Muslims don’t like the little Pig with Winnie the Pooh. So they want anything to do with

30 Sep

If it looks like a Duck and sounds like a Duck

FDNY Chaplain Resigns After 9/11 Remarks By MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN, Associated Press Writer NEW YORK – The fire department’s new Muslim

30 Sep

More terrorists hugging from Al Jazeera

We all know that Al Jazeera is pro terrorist. Allouni (one of their journalists) was found guilty of “collaboration with

27 Sep

Aide to Al-Qaeda’s Zarqawi Killed in Iraq

Number Two Al Qaeda terrorist is taken down by a bullet. Yahoo! News Man said to be Zarqawi’s No. 2

23 Sep

Is Islam at War with Us?

The Muslims have a saying: “First destroy the Saturday People (Jews)… then the Sunday People (Christians).” Islam is hard at