20 May

“Elect me or we will all die”

Gore pictured with his rifle aimed at his own head……….Bwahahahahaha!!!

Al Gore, Movie Star
His new documentary on global warming is a great campaign ad: “Elect me or we will all die”
Even by Washington standards, the D.C. premiere of Al Gore’s new global warming film, An Inconvenient Truth, was lit by some very low-wattage celebrities: political journalists, Congressmen, people from National Public Radio.
Those concerned about greenhouse gases would have done well to avoid Joe Wilson, whose presence at these sorts of things appears to have been written into D.C. liberals’ social contract, but all together the wonky audience generated about much heat as Jennifer Lopez’s little finger. Fittingly, the carpet wasn’t even red, but green, and there wasn’t champagne but rather some perfectly serviceable California chardonnay that came in boxes. Or you could hit the “yogurt bar.”
Al Gore’s movie: It is, essentially, a two-hour PowerPoint presentation, enlivened — if that’s the right word — by periodic shots of Al Gore staring pensively out of plane windows, Al Gore frowning contemplatively at computer screens, and Al Gore pacing thoughtfully through airport terminals. The man could make playing a kazoo look like meditation. The movie is about the threat of global warming, and it is full of dire predictions and horrifying scenarios for the Earth’s future should we not change our fossil-fuel-guzzling ways. Rising sea-levels, hordes of refugees, parching draughts: Call it a docu-trauma. Surprisingly entertaining docu-trauma, with at least as much emotional range as The Day After Tomorrow, and with more intentional humor.
The crowd at the National Geographic Society — a suitably studious setting — saw it as the world’s longest campaign ad. Even as Gore’s spokesman circulated, repeating the words “He’s not running” so frequently it started to sound like a round, no one wanted to believe it.

Al Gore warns South Park elementary about Manbearpig. ON one of tohe Southpark shows, Al Gore comes to South Park to warn everyone about Manbearpig (read: global warming), a creature who is half man, half bear, and half pig. Or possibly half man and half bearpig. No one really knows for sure because Gore is apparently the only one who believes he exists.
Al Gore is depicted as a crazed, friendless drifter who believes he’s doing the right thing but only manages to hurt those he’s trying to help. The gist of the show is that despite Gore’s supposedly noble intentions, he’s really just using issues to get people to pay attention to him.
Wild Thing’s comment……
When I was in viet nam…… oops wrong @sshole. sorry. If you want to upset one of those enviro-weenies — when it’s cold out, say, “I could go for some global warming right about now.”

TomR says:

It took THREE Stooges to provide the slapstick, goofy humor just one Al Gore provides.

Wild Thing says:

Tom good one hahaha he sure does all on his own. Amazing that he was VP or anything for that matter. ugh!

sierrahome says:

If any of you all wanna help with a bit of research I would love to build a 20-30 minute “Myth of MAN MADE Global Warming”. I have some GREAT video equipment and would love to build an on-line rebuttle.
Any Thoughts email me at:

Jack Hamilton says:

Well South Park got it right. He is a crazed friendless drifter. This idiot asshole needs to put his tinfoil helmet back on and get lost.

Rhod says:

What’s Gore doing in battle dress? He was a reporter for Stars & Stripes with his own security detail, and spent about four months in-country. Love the way he’s handling that…AR-15(?).
The Archbishop of Sydney said something like this: Pagans used to appease capricious Gods by offering animal and human sacrifices. Now they ask for reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Wild Thing says:

Sierrahome I love the other videos you have done.

Wild Thing says:

Jack he sure is!!!

Wild Thing says:

Rhod lol really funny!