29 Oct

Theodore’s World A Little of This and a Little of That

Here at Theodore’s World aka PC Free Zone Gazette. There are sometimes things that a photo speaks for itself, or there may be something that is not important enough to do an entire post about. Like spending more then a few words on the likes of breeder Sheehan and her vileness.
And then of course I love posting photos of our awesome troops.( big smile of pride on my face) I am so very proud of them.


Iraqi and Afghanistan Navy

Breeder (no Mother as far as I am concerned)Cindy Sheehan
The face of the Democratic anti-war movement. She was the face of the Democratic base. At the National Press Club. She spoke to a nearly empty room. There were only a couple of foreign journalists there. Zilch attendance. Nobody cared that Cindy Sheehan was speaking. ha ha ho ho heh heh……Your 15 minutes of fame are up Cindy!

They hate America and Israel
They want us dead, but not right now they are busy praying……
A few years ago I got this from my friend Linda at Something….And Half of Something and I saved it. heh heh

Our Troops are the best!

Something special for Looters

I’ve joined The Weekend Trackback Party at Stop the ACLU and Beth’s Weekend Link Whorage Open Trackback Post Covered Fest Carnival Dish Also at the Mudville Gazette where he reminds us it is Lady Liberty’s Birthday! Tah dah! I am so glad we have Lady Liberty. Also at Wizbang’s Carnival of the Trackbacks XXXV This is my very first time to be a part of a Trackback Party so I am very excited about this.

28 Oct

“A World Without Zionism”…. I think NOT!

Addressing a meeting titled, “A World Without Zionism”, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provided with a look into his demented mind, the way Hitler did in Mein Kampf.

He declared “The world arrogant powers founded the Zionist regime at the heart of the Muslim world as a base for their own expansionist intentions.”

He added that a world with out the United States and Israel is a possibility.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood by his call for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map’, as thousands of Iranians marched through Tehran on Friday chanting ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to America’. My words are the exact words of the Iranian people,” said the hardline President.

An Iranian protester shouts slogans against the U.S. and Israel during a Jerusalem Day demonstration outside Tehran university, before Friday prayers, in Tehran October 28, 2005. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood by his call for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map’, as thousands of Iranians marched through Tehran on Friday chanting ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to America’. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi
Iran ‘lets al-Qaeda roam free’
From correspondents in Berlin
October 27, 2005
IRAN is permitting around 25 high-ranking al-Qaeda members to roam free in the country’s capital, including three sons of Osama bin Laden, a German monthly magazine reports.
Citing information from unnamed Western intelligence sources, the magazine Cicero said in a preview of an article appearing in its November edition that the individuals in question are from Egypt, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Europe. They are living in houses belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the report said.
“This is not incarceration or house arrest,” a Western intelligence agent was quoted as saying. “They can move around as they please.”
The three sons of Osama bin Laden in Iran are Saeed, Mohammad and Othman, Cicero reported. Another person enjoying the support of the Revolutionary Guards is al-Qaeda spokesman Abu Ghaib, the report said.
Iran first said late last year that it had arrested and would try a number of foreigners suspected of having links to al-Qaeda, a loose network of military groups that Washington blames for the attacks of September 11, 2001 and bomb attacks in Spain, Indonesia, Egypt and elsewhere.
The report in Cicero also accused the Revolutionary Guards’ secret service of offering logistical support and military training to senior al-Qaeda leaders.
Iran has repeatedly denied any link to or support of al-Qaeda.
Britain and the United States suspect Iran of supporting insurgents in Iraq, a charge Tehran has vehemently denied.

Wild Thing comment….

Islam and most of the Arabs have made it clear that they want the world at any cost beginning with Israel, then America and the rest of the free world. When the Muslims live in any free world, they demand their own way of life, schools, courts, say it and then the rest of the governments bow down to their demands. The Muslims are not interested in peace, They want to convert the rest of the world to Islam period. Open your eyes wide and see what is happening around you and do not be fooled.
It is a mistake to view the antagonists in the Middle East as the Palestinians against the Israelis. The fact is that it is the Palestinians and their allies against the United States and Israel. As Abbas went off to meet President Bush, official Palestinian radio was denouncing the United States because it had placed Saddam Hussein on trial.
Our leaders, and all the American people need to equate Palestinian terrorists with bin Laden and the Taliban. If we don’t then our war on terrorism is hypocrisy and will never be successful. He cannot fight one terrorist and coddle another and expect that we will believe he is sincere. Israel’s enemies are OUR enemies here in the United States.
I have news for you, you cowardly, sniveling, moon god worshiping hostage taker and torturer. The real God is in charge. And you are not even a speed bump to Him. Enjoy Hell–you earned it.
You can also read more about this at the awesome site Jihad Watch

28 Oct

American Fighting Men and Women

Click the Photo above to hear a song
This is my answer to the Cindy Sheehans, Michael Moore’s, MoveOn.Org etc.and others here at my Traitors To America page at my web site, of this world,all the lefties that hate America, that abuse the freedoms we have by the things they say and do that go beyond the pale!

The American Fighting man

James L. Wattenbarger

I fought the British red coats; Served Washington with pride. I Marched with Grant, and yes, with Lee. I fell at Custer’s side. I made the charge up San Juan hill. I “held” at the Alamo. A threat to peace– The first world war, And I was called to go.
I shed my blood throughout War II, on sand and jungle tree; They pulled me from the flaming wrecks; They buried me at sea. At Korea’s thirty eighth parallel I soldiered amid the sham. I left my loved ones, took up arms, And died in Vietnam.
On every conceivable battlefield, Desert sand to jungle marsh, I suffer the agonies, the mortal wounds, In conditions most brutal and harsh. I’ve viewed the bombed out cities And grieved for all that’s lost; I ponder, in my saddest hour. . What could warrant such human cost?
The answer, of course, is freedom!
Freedom defines the job I do. I volunteer, I’m called, I serve, On freedom’s maintenance crew. Yes, career or citizen soldier, I serve the higher plan, Of honor, God, and country–
I’m the American fighting man!

This is my most favorite quote…..

No Word Was Ever Spoken
That Held Out Greater Hope,
Demanded Greater Sacrifice,
Needed More To Be Nurtured,
Blessed More The Giver,
Cursed More Its Destroyer,
Or Came Closer To Being God’s Will On Earth.
And I Think That’s Worth Fighting For.”
General Omar Bradley

Wild Thing’s Comment ….Regarding the terrorists:

KILL them ALL, do NOT take any as prisoners!
If I could have it my way we would NOT take ANY prisoners!
No, not one!
My vote would be to take that money we use to feed, put a roof over their sick heads,clothes on the ugly backs of the terrorists and give it to our troops and their families instead!
Let the Anti-American lefties feed them since they want to help them so much like Code Pink donating money to the insurgents.
And their celebrating the deaths of those in our Military.
The terrorists do not deserve to LIVE not even for one tiny second!
They worship death so I say let’s help them obtain what they worship so desperately!
A dead terrorist is unable to do any more damage.
And don’t give me that crap about how we would make them “martyrs”!
I would rather have them DEAD under any circumstances!
And there is NO way they would be true martyrs!

The out of control, UN-American, PRO Saddam, Pro death to Americans
and death to our troops peaceniks, ACLU and all the various groups that lie in wait to use the death of one of our own to make their sick attempt at saying see we are loosing the war we need
to leave, get out etc. when we (our fine Military) are WINNING and people are voting and improvements are being made in Iraq by our Military!
You guessed it, I dearly wish they would go away, go live in a country that is more suited to their socialist /Communist low life standards.
Teachers letting kids out of school to protest the war in Iraq.
Teachers doing this with kids to get them to protest.
Unbelievable! Little Johnny can’t read, but by golly he can be used by his socialist minded teacher to promote her agenda against America!

Thousands upon thousands of men and women have served my country and thousands have died to give me my freedom.Each and every one of them Americans!
And when it comes to a war called Vietnam, those who served from my land did the right thing. They fought to keep communism from spreading. Spreading one day to our very shores.
Yes it is here now and has seats in both Houses in government, and I hate that. BUT those men and women that went and fought in Vietnam did it with such honor and duty to country. I will love them with all that is in me. Just as I respect and love their patriotism the troops today, fighting terrorist in Iraq.

I want this war to be done quickly. But I also do not want it to be a war that is not finished, a war undone with lives of our men and women brought back knowing it was not run by the military but by politicians and peaceniks and polls. I don’t want the lives we have already lost at Kandahar, Kuwait, Iraq yes and other places to be on a wall and our goals in this war not accomplished.

We are at War!
I am sick and tired of those gutless, pansy-*ssed liberals who refuse to pick up a rifle and step up to the plate to defend our nation. And the men and women that choose to NOT show support for our troops!
I am sick to my gut with the media whose constant diet of military
bashing has hurt us so painfully in the past.
Our young men and women deserve something our Viet Nam veterans NEVER HAD…..and that is HOME SUPPORT!
As for me, personally, if I see just a hint of the gutless
jerks I referred to above I can ONLY see them in one light – that being an enemy of my country now.
And you can take that to the bank!
It’s TIME to show our true character as a nation.
One nation…under God…fighting for the right stuff.
And it is our military who are going to pay the bill.
And for me I Support our Troops with all my Heart and Soul!

27 Oct

Know Thy Enemy

Note that most of their service providers are American companies, despite the fact that the PIJ is a designated terrorist group.
Al Qaida makes extensive use of the internet to plan and execute operations, train and indoctrinate new generations of terrorists, and generally to overcome what limits the occupation of Afghanistan by US and Coalition forces imposes on them. The Internet is another front, another theater of operations.

“Being sneaky is hard work, and if aggressive measures cause jihadis to work harder and be more sneaky, the end result is more opportunities for them to slip up and for us to catch them when they do.”-Aaron Weisburd (Global Jihad, the Internet and Opportunities for Counter-Terror Operations)

Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Where it comes from and other information,
Registrar: Intercosmos Media Group Inc., New Orleans, LA USA
Datacenter: Savvis Communications, Town & Country, MO USA
Webhost: DiscountASP.NET, Los Angeles, CA USA
DNS Service Provider: DiscountASP.NET, Los Angeles, CA USA
Summary of Domain Whois:
(oldest known whois record)
abdullah, ramadan
hamra st

Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Where it comes from and other information
Registrar: Network Solutions, Herndon, VA USA
Datacenter: Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI), Tehran, IR
Webhost: Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI), Tehran, IR
DNS Service Provider: Network Solutions, Herndon, VA USA
Summary of Domain Whois:
(oldest known whois record)
(current record)
Khayat, Radwan
Faiha 70700

Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Where it comes from and other information:
Registrar: Intercosmos Media Group Inc., New Orleans, LA USA
Datacenter: ThePlanet.com, Dallas, TX USA
Webhost: M6.net hosting, Huntsville, AL USA
DNS Service Provider: M6.net hosting, Huntsville, AL USA
Summary of Domain Whois:
(current record, no changes)
jimail, smith jdomains2004@yahoo.com
Beirut, Beirut 14-5503

26 Oct

A Thank You to My Blog Mom

Hot off the Press at PC Free Zone Gazette at Theodore’s World….Yep right here at my little Blog
Something I would like to share.
My Blog began Sept.of this year.
I want to thank my Blog Mom.

This is a picture of Linda….my Blog Mom

A year ago I got up my nerve to have a web site. My Blog Mom helped me step by step how to do a web site. She is an excellent teacher. Many times she would say do you understand and I would say a yes but my voice said I think so, hmmmm not completely. haha She knew by my voice on the phone I didn’t ‘get it’ completely. Her patience was amazing and I finally did catch on and just as she said it would be second nature to me once I understood what to do. As I was doing the my web site she said to me that one day I would want to have a Blog. I said on noooo way. haha But once again she was right and a year to the day almost I said ” OK I want to have a Blog.”
I want to make this post as a tribute to her. Her name is Linda and she has the Blog ” Something…and Half of Something
Linda is one of my Heroes for many reasons. She is true to herself, she is real and her word means something. I am honored to call her my friend and we have become sort of adopted sisters over the years.
A person can count themselves rich beyond belief to know and have for a friend like Linda.

Thank you Blog Mom for being my inspiration and friend.

25 Oct

Dangerous Left Tops Itself Once Again

I am bringing this back up to the top.
I had posted it on Monday the 24th. But it is sooo important.

To my husband ( Retired Navy Vet), and to all the other men in my family that have served in various branches of the Military, to the Veterans of every war Americans fought in and to the troops serving now. I am so sorry about these people, Gold Star Mothers for Peace, I am sorry they exist!
Gold Star Mothers for Peace (breeders most definitely NOT mothers) are going to be holding parties across America to celebrate when the 2,000th soldier dies in the line of duty in Iraq. Oh they are organized all of them, and they are coming out from under rocks. Groups like American Friends Service Committee (hosted by the Gold Star Mothers for Peace), we all know that is Cindy Sheehan’s gig, others too …….just look at this……

“Soon we’ll be reaching another horrific milestone in the war in Iraq – the death of the 2,000th U.S. service member. AFSC, Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace, and Iraq Veterans Against the War are calling for people across the U.S. to stand up and say that the needless killing of U.S. troops and Iraqis must stop and that the resources funding this war are needed for other things.”

These are the people whose sick minds hold up signs like this….

They are all prepared to hold events, parties you name it for the moment the 2000th soldier is killed in the line of duty in Iraq.
They are on the side of the insurgents, the side of the PLO, the side of the Taliban and anyone that can kill one of our soldiers. They are not against violence, they create violence, their hate and anger run deep, it is part of their DNA to hate America, to Hate our Military. They are the ones that are PRO death in their wanting abortions that murder innocent babies. And yet they are against the death penalty when someone has been proven to be a killer of innocent people. Their cheering on the deaths of our troops, they are cheering for every IED, for every suicide bomber, for every attack on our troops that might lead to the death of one of our soldiers. (Army,Navy, Air Force and Marines, National Guard, etc.) as long as they are killed in this war.
These people, these sick and twisted people live off the freedom we have and don’t give a damn you gave it to us. You and I know, we know that our freedom came at a very high price. It was paid for with the blood, and sacrifice of thousands of our Military in wars fought over the years. In Vietnam the wonderful Nam Veterans fought Communism. Our Veterans took a thousand towns and villages, snow fields and empty stretches of ocean, the jungles hot and deep, and fought the fight for FREEDOM, and turned them into sacred places with their courage in the face of unimaginable horror.
These sickos wants us to leave Iraq, to run away from the insurgents so the insurgents can show up later on our shores, in our cities and towns and kill not only us but these idiot sickos as well. They are soooo stupid they don’t even realize or perhaps they don’t care that the terrorists want them dead!
Long ago President Reagan felt we would have problems with Islam and it’s followers………

“I don’t think you can overstate the importance
that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism
will have to the rest of the world in the
century ahead-especially if, as seems possible,
its most fanatical elements get their
hands on nuclear and chemical weapons
and the means to deliver them
against their enemies.” –Ronald Reagan

Right now there are 281 events planned in 47 States and more to join in probably. These sick groups are going to be asking Congress to stop funding this war. And what these people are doing is treasonous. ALL of them, every breath
they take in free air is because of our troops, our Veterans that paid the price for their being able to do what they are and these vile, treasonous, communists should be kicked out of our country.
The First Amendment is one thing…but these people are among the worst examples of humanity…what they are doing is beyond my imagination. Pure scum is all they are.
They camped out right where the soldiers have to wait to pick up public transportation. They’re camped out by (and timed to coincide with) the buses bringing the freshly wounded from Andrews Airforce Base. The first thing the wounded see is not the safety of a military medical base – but “you got maimed for a lie”. Forcing wounded soldiers to walk a gauntlet of hostile peaceniks when they’re just trying to get treatment.
You already know that Code Pink donated a check for $600 K plus to the insurgents in Iraq. That is old news but it still makes me urious!
They don’t give two hoots in hell about our troops or even the war – all they care about is getting their smarmy pink mugs on television.  Everything they supposedly stand for is a lie. There is not one single ounce of compassion in their empty hearts – it’s all publicity and politics – period. 
How often have we said of the hostile reception Vietnam vets got upon returning home: “Never Again. We will never allow our war vets to experience the demeaning treatment and hatred the left heaped upon them during Vietnam.” This was going to be the generation of vets that felt appreciated, admired, and honored.
God help us as a Nation. lease pray for our troops! I invite you to visit my Troops Today page at my web site.
We are winning this war. I hate that men and women have lost their precious lives in this war. But there has never been peace without war.  America is a perfect example of this. And for myself, for my loved ones (family and friends) we will always be deeply grateful for those that gave us our freedom, and for the freedom our Military has fought for so others can taste freedom too.

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has an excellent write up about this too.

And also check it out at Blackfive too.

25 Oct

Update on Wilma

All is well here in Sarasota. Tons of tree branches down and neighbor had tiles from his roof come off. We walked the property and another neighbors fence is a mess.
Thank God we all are ok. Now I wait to hear back from other friends that are without power to get in touch with us.

24 Oct

As Israel Goes So Goes The World

There are two items in this post I would like to share with you
Item Number one……..
A Quran In The White House

As we all know President Bush had a dinner celebrating Ramadan. At this dinner he proudly proclaimed….”For the first time in our nation’s history, we have added a Koran in the White House Library.”
Diane West that wrote the article said this and I agree…..

“the Koran is indisputably the favorite book to twist for the extremist agendas for Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the killers of Daniel Pearl, Hamas bus bombers, London Underground bombers, and anyone who has ever hidden an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on an Iraqi road to kill or maim an American soldier — none of which is the best recommendation for White House honors.”


Natan Sharnasky,Chairman, One Jerusalem tells of his visit last May and how he had an opportunity to meet General John Abizaid, Commander of the U.S. Central Command, which is repsonsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other hotspots in the war against America’s enemies.
General John Abizaid described the enemy we are fighting as people who are committed to re-establishing the sixth century Muslim Caliphate. They started this process under the Taliban in Afghanistan. In practice, this Koran based system, gathered tens of thousands of people into stadiums to witness the executions of innocent people who were accused of acting contrary to the Koran.
Wild Thing Comment…….
Intellectually I suppose Bush has some reason (?) for doing this. But emotionally and when looking at ONLY the FACTS this can only make matters worse. To give in to Islam at all in any way, only encourages the terrorists to gain more and more control. No matter how many of us there are and no matter how passionate we feel about NOT giving in to the terrorists, it does not have the same impact as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, the good ole USA, the Red/White and Blue United States of America taking a strong and firm stand against Islam, against their vile Quran and agaisnt the demands of the Abbas’s , the Osama’s and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s of the world. The Quran is the center of their (the terrorists) violent campaign.
I voted for President Bush, I have been a Republican all my life and will continue to be. I have never regretted voting for President Bush. But no one is perfect and this IMO was a big mistake on our President’s part when he could have stood strong against the axis of evil and their how to book.

Item Number Two…….

I received an email today from NewsMax about signing a Petition.
“Dear NewsMax Readers:
Please find below an urgent message from Natan Sharansky, Chairman of One Jerusalem.
Jerusalem’s fate is in trouble and Natan needs your help to keep it one, united city. Please read his important information below and take a moment to sign his special petition.”
This is very important and I agree with the Petition so I am passing it along.
‘Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem’ – this slogan has been adopted by the President and Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority as well as terrorist organizations everywhere.
Make no mistake about it – Jerusalem is in the sights of the terrorists who are waging war against the United States, Israel, and peace-loving people worldwide.
I am writing you today to ask your help to save Jerusalem – and make sure it remains the capital of Israel. More Here

Natan also spoke out against the Disengagement that so many of us, Christians (like myself) and especially the thousands upon thousands of Jews that worked so hard to try and stop the disengagement.

“A tragic mistake that will exacerbate the conflict
with the Palestinians, increase terrorism and dim
the prospects of a genuine peace.”
Natan Sharansky
Former Minister of Diaspora Affairs-May 2005

Wild Thing Comment…….
Israelis made their desert bloom. They built the only industrialized economy in the entire Middle East. They built the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. I am a fierce supporter of Israel’s survival and have no sympathy for the Palestinian side in the conflict in the Middle East.
Terrorists see concessions as a victory and proof that their violence works, as the Oslo process and the withdrawal from south Lebanon have shown. That’s why everyone accepts that you don’t negotiate with terrorists. It is therefore only logical to conclude that further concessions will result in more terror when future demands are not met, as the PA leadership continues to proclaim.

23 Oct

Hey Fred Come and Take Wilma Away!

Well the patio furniture is all in the garage and the potted plants are all in a safe place too.
Now we just wait and pray.


I live in Sarasota,Florida

I am a new Blogger so am also new to which Bloggers are in Florida. My friend Linda at Something…and Half of Something told me about Boudicca’s Voice ,The Florida Masochist, The Florida Cracker and I am adding Ranting Right Wing Howler too because I know he is also in Florida.

23 Oct

Pissed Off

The reasons almost 2,000 American personel were murdered are:

1. Our power has made the European countries jealous and bitter. When they saw Saddam was out of power, they knew that they were trumped. Observing that we spared the Republican Guard who were the “Picadors” that were killing our soldiers, the Euros stood back and let us “get ours”.
2. When we won the Iraqi war and we did! They realized that all their corrupt dealings with Saddam would come out so they played “hands off”.
3. The Democrats meanwhile, are like the Officer who kept egging on the criminalization of Captain Quig until the Mutiny on the Caine was done. But when the court marshall occured he was no where to be found. He would NOT take responsibility!
4. If we weren’t so soft in War (where we could easily wipe out ALL the Militants) because we don’t want to be looked at as “bad” people. Iraqi would be free and thriving today. It is like going after Cancer only on the surface.

We have been too nice to our socialist Europeans! We saved them in WW11 and they hated us for that. Because it exposed how worthless they are. In the future we should learn from our mistakes and be PROUD of our power! And use it to its fullest extent without feeling guilty!