18 Oct

A Soldier’s Video a Must See

Over at American Citizen Soldier he has a video called ” Give War A Chance”. It is really good!
It is “filmed, edited, created and lived by Buck Sargent”.
Buck Sargent serves on active duty as a infantry noncommissioned officer in the United States Army. He was deployed to Afghanistan from 2003-2004 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and is currently serving in Mosul, Iraq on a 12 month combat tour.

18 Oct

NYT Wants Touchie Feelie Trial for Saddam

Saddam was a brutal dictator, a head-of-state who waged war on his neighbors and his own people. He ruled over his people with an iron fist, using torture and murder. From 1979 until 2003, Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq. Saddam supported terrorism in Israel, paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. He provided safe haven for Abu Abbas and other international terrorists.
And now he is finally going to be on trial for his many crimes!
But wait…….something is wrong with this picture! But of course it is the lefties, one that I will mention now is the New York Times! They are concerned, wringing their hands at the water fountain, having sleepless nights, moaning and groaning in the hallways and why?….They are concencerned that Saddam will not get a fair trial.

On Wednesday, 22 months after he was dragged from his hiding place in an underground bunker, Saddam Hussein will appear in an Iraqi court to answer for the brutalities he inflicted on his fellow Iraqis. But what should be a moment of triumph for his victims is instead stirring concern about the fairness and competence of the court itself.

Read on my friends of truth and those like me that are fed up with PC!

…Western human rights groups and legal experts have warned that the former dictator is unlikely to get a fair trial, and that the probable outcome, a death sentence, will be what the tribunal’s harshest critics have described as “victor’s justice.”


Hello-o-o-o-ooooo! He has had enough justice just being able to be alive as long as he has in his jail cell. Give me a break! True Justice for Saddam will be to put an end to his life!


Soldiers at a United States camp in Baghdad
passed by busts of Saddam Hussein Monday. The former
dictator will appear in court Wednesday.

17 Oct

Blackfive Vists Walter Reed Hospital

Blackfive visited our wounded at Walter Reed Hospital. Read about our awesome Heroes at his Blog.
Thank you Blackfive and thank you Troops for all you do and the sacrifices you make. Our Troops Rock!

17 Oct

Some Things To Share With You

Over at Mudville Gazette was a link to this video called Letters From Home. It is really good! And be sure to look at all the other links at Mudville too, they are always so good and informative.
Also at A Soldier’s Perspective CJ has written about IED’s and how the people of Iraq are helping our troops.
Feel free to visit my Troops Today Page at my website

16 Oct

Baseball and Football Tonight

Three cheers for my Denver Brocnos! They won Denver 28 to N.E. 20. So I am a happy camper!
I am a Cubs fan so I don’t have anyone I am cheering for in particular for the World Series………….BUT………. tonight
La Rossa was thrown out of the game and also Jim Edmonds. Now here is the thing OK??!! These games are very important, they determine who goes to the World Series. Sooooooo shouldn’t the umpires be a little more patient with the players and managers in this kind of situation? The homeplate umpire is a jerk! He had no patience at all and boom! wack! LaRossa was thrown out first.
I know the rules, honest, but tempers are hotter in these playoffs, the games mean more then ever and, well…these are just my thoughts on what happened tonight.
Anyway, St.Louis lost and IMO all that throwing people out does is effect the mindset of the team.
So the best thing for sports today was Bronco’s WON tonight!

16 Oct

Sunday Funnies at Stop the ACLU

God Bless America Signs Offend The Ever So Sensitive Atheists
An atheist group is complaining about two signs posted outside a city hall in New York state that declare “God Bless America.”
But the signs hung by a Long Island official outside the town hall of Babylon, N.Y., are perfectly legal, according to a group specializing in constitutional law that has volunteered to defend them.
“The phrase ‘God bless America’ does not violate the Constitution,” said Gary McCaleb, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund.
Article at World Net Daily

Other articles can also be found at Stop the ACLU

15 Oct

From Russia With Love to Iran- Is That A Missile In Their Pocket?

Russia NOT making the world a safer place from Terrorists!
Russians help Iran with missile threat to Europe
By Con Coughlin
(Filed: 16/10/2005)
Former members of the Russian military have been secretly helping Iran to acquire technology needed to produce missiles capable of striking European capitals.
The Russians are acting as go-betweens with North Korea as part of a multi-million pound deal they negotiated between Teheran and Pyongyang in 2003. It has enabled Teheran to receive regular clandestine shipments of top secret missile technology, believed to be channelled through Russia.
Western intelligence officials believe that the technology will enable Iran to complete development of a missile with a range of 2,200 miles, capable of hitting much of Europe. It is designed to carry a 1.2-ton payload, sufficient for a basic nuclear device.

The revelation raises the stakes in the confrontation between Iran’s Islamic regime and the West – led by the United States and European countries including Britain.
Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, clashed with Russian officials over Iran’s Nuclear Programmeduring a visit to Moscow yesterday, saying that Teheran must fulfil its obligations under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.
She was later expected to urge President Vladimir Putin to back a referral of Iran to the United Nations Security Council.
A senior American official said Iran’s programme was “sophisticated and getting larger and more accurate. They have had very much in mind the payload needed to carry a nuclear weapon.
“I think Putin knows what the Iranians are doing.”
Iran is believed to be hiding its weapons development behind its nuclear power programme, for which it receives Russian support, and has refused to suspend uranium enrichment or to allow full UN inspections.
John Bolton, the US ambassador to the UN, told BBC2’s Newsnight that Iran was “determined to get nuclear weapons deliverable on ballistic missiles it can then use to intimidate not only its own region but possibly to supply to terrorists”.
Iran’s longest-range missile is the Shahab 3, which, with an 800-mile range, could hit Israel. The North Korean deal will allow the Iranian missile to reach targets far into Europe – including Rome, Berlin, and much of France.
North Korea has developed a missile, the Taepo Dong 2, that could reach America’s west coast, based on the submarine-launched Soviet SSN6. Modifications allow it to be fired from a land-based transporter and this technology is being smuggled to Teheran with Russian help.
Russians have provided production facilities, diagrams and operating instruction so the missile can be built in Iran. Liquid propellant has been shipped to Iran. Russian specialists have also been sent to Iran to help development of its Shahab 5 missile project, which the Iranians hope to have operational by the end of the decade.

15 Oct

Iraqi Vote A Success -MSM & Democrats Deeply Saddened

Iraqis Vote on New Constitution Early Estimates Show Turnout Was Strong Even Among Sunnis

Iraqi troops cast their votes in the referendum on the new constitution in Abu Ghraib, Iraq
Iraqis voted Saturday to give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a constitution that would define democracy in Iraq.
Full text of the Draft Iraqi Constitution HERENote also, that the Iraqi Transitional Government has a website, that’s where the text was posted.

Security Good as Millions of Iraqis Cast Constitution Ballots
By Petty Officer 3rd Class John R. Guardiano,USN
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 15, 2005 – With Iraqi election officials and Iraqi security forces leading the way, millions of Iraqis streamed to the polls today to vote on their country’s constitution. Officials reported that scattered incidents of violence early on in the voting that were quickly squelched by Iraqi security forces.
Coalition forces are supporting the Iraqis with perimeter checkpoints and crowd control. Officials in Iraq said security has been tight and involves a three-stage inspection system that kicks in before voters arrive at the polling sites.
No one with bags, cell phones or packages may enter the polling areas, they said. “From my vantage point, the Iraqi security forces have a good plan to protect the Iraqi people on referendum day,” said Army Lt. Col. Steven Merkel, commander of 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team. He said the officials have worked on the plan for weeks. Iraqi Police and Public Order Brigade forces began training for possible election-day crises or terrorist attacks long ago, Merkel said. Iraqi and coalition forces worked through a variety of potential scenarios, with the intent of deterring attacks and minimizing disruptions.
The election really began a few days ago, when, throughout Iraq, election officials moved polling materials from warehouses to polling centers. “This operation is 100 percent Iraqi,” said Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark Lewandowski, whose Task Force Baghdad civil affairs team helped monitor election preparations. “We don’t touch the ballots, we don’t move the ballots; and we don’t secure them. ”
Polling sites reported relatively little violence in at least the first five hours of voting. Proactive security operations by Iraqi and coalition forces apparently have helped to avert much potential terrorist activity, officials said.
For example, Iraqi Army troops discovered an arms cache and detained three suspects on Oct. 14 near Khalidiyah. Troops from the 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Intervention Force were conducting a sweep when the cache was found. The Iraqi soldiers searched the area and collared three military-aged males responsible for the cache. The cache contained three mortar rounds and an assortment of C4 explosive, 7. 62 mm ammunition, a detonation cord, and blasting caps, officials said.
The suspects are being detained by authorities for further questioning. No injuries or damages were reported. Moreover, Iraqi army and police units in the Baghdad area reported at least four separate and scattered small-arms fire incidents and one rocket attack on Oct. 14. Yet, no injuries or property damage resulted from any of these attacks, officials said.

Similarly, Iraqi police arrived on the scene of a terrorist attack in west Baghdad at 7:30 a. m. today after receiving reports of an improvised explosive device attack.
One Iraqi policeman was wounded in the attack. At roughly 9:15 a. m. today. , Iraqi Army Soldiers reported that a rocket was detonated near two polling sites in north-central Baghdad, but without inflicting any casualties or damage. Iraqi army soldiers and police quickly responded to these incidents in order to protect voters. Coalition forces stayed in the background and performed perimeter security operations. Coalition forces are being wary.
Task Force Baghdad Soldiers detained 11 suspected terrorists at a checkpoint in Yusufiyah early this afternoon. The suspected terrorists were found to possess three 125-millimeter projectiles inside their blue van, officials said.
Election officials said voter turnout was high throughout Iraq. “It almost seems like a holiday” here in Baghdad, said Army Capt. Norm Stevenson, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team. “There are kids playing soccer in the streets and families out and about walking around. ” In fact, due to high voter turnout, two of the polling sites in Abu Ghraib temporarily ran out of ballots. Capt. Marc E. Perlini, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment public affairs officer, said local election official coordinated for additional ballots and voting resumed shortly.
A similar “problem” was encountered in the Ninewa Province, in northwestern Iraq, where tens of thousands of Iraqis lined up to vote. Two hours after polls opened, Independent Electoral Commission officials at one of the polling stations reported that they were running out of ballots.
Iraqi police coordinated a rush re-supply of ballots and the voting continued uninterrupted. Officials attribute the high voter turnout in Ninewa to the excellent security provided by more than 3,000 Iraqi soldiers and police. “The people of Tal Afar are very happy to have this opportunity to vote and hope that, after today’s elections, all of Iraq is unified together as one voice,” said Tal Afar Mayor Najem. “Yesterday, I said to all of the people, ‘Go to the polls and refuse terrorism,'” Najem said. “The terrorists made their voice with the car bombing; but the people of Tall Afar answered back by going to the polls. “ The people, he added, “showed that they were not afraid to stand up to the terrorists by voting. I am very proud of the people. ”
The mayor also expressed his in pride in the Iraqi Security Forces for “their professionalism and service throughout the election day. ” The Ninewa Province and cities of Tal Afar, Sinjar, Bi’aj and Rabiyah were hotbeds of terrorist activity and thus the object of recent operations by coalition forces. The province issafer, they said and that’s why the number of polling stations available for the entire province increased from 17 in January to 58 today.
Tal Afar had Iraq’s second lowest voter turnout in January – second only to Fallujah. But today, the citizens of Tal Afar came out en masse to vote, with their purple fingers raised, officials said. The purple ink stain indicates that a citizen has voted and is designed to prevent duplicative voting.

In fact, a crowd of voters in Tal Afar gathered to celebrate their day of democracy. They chanted, “Say no to terrorism!” officials said. One woman was asked whether she was afraid that terrorists might spot her ink-stained finger. “I don’t care about the terrorists; this is what I believe in!” she said.

15 Oct

Carlton Sherwood and VVLF have counter-sued John Kerry

Carlton Sherwood (a decorated USMC Sniper and the man behind “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal) AND the VVLF have counter-sued John Kerry!

I received this email and want to share it with you.

John O’Neill
Houston, Texas
October 4, 2005
Dear Friend,
Last year, when my fellow Swift Boat veterans and I spoke out about John Kerry, you rallied to our side. We will never forget your faith in our cause and your belief in our honesty. It made all the difference. Together we made history.
Like most of you, I believed our mission was over. We could all move on with our lives, return to our families and homes secure in the knowledge we had done the right thing for America, and for our children’s future.
Regrettably, that has not been the case for a distinguished group of Vietnam combat veterans who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us during last year’s campaign. Their situation has become so critical that I felt compelled to break our long silence to inform you of this urgent matter.
The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, an organization founded by some of the same POWs and their wives who joined with us to form Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth, has become the target of vicious legal assaults – multiple lawsuits designed to silence the voices of the POWs.
The VVLF is being sued to punish the organization for the content of the POW documentary Stolen Honor, which contrasts their own accounts of their service in Vietnam and suffering in North Vietnamese prison camps with the claims of the antiwar movement.
They desperately need our help and I am asking, once more, for your support. I urge you to give what you can to assist these truly noble men and women.
It is no accident that this campaign to coerce and silence some of America’s most heroic figures from the Vietnam War has intensified just as the shrill voices of the extreme Left’s anti-military, blame-America-first propagandists are once again on the rise. Even Jane Fonda has resurfaced.
You might ask why the VVLF has been targeted in this legal assault – why attack men who endured years of unspeakable torture and suffering in defense of America? The answer lies in the question. These are among the most credible, living eyewitnesses to the trail of deceit and betrayal. All are highly decorated and each bears the scars and permanent physical disabilities of his long years in captivity. One is the recipient of our nation’s highest award for valor, the Medal of Honor. They paid for the right to voice their opinions with years of indescribable pain, hardship and torment. Their individual histories of perseverance under the direst of circumstances, and their fidelity to the principles of honor instilled in each American serving in uniform belie the despicable slanders laid at the feet of our military.
The POWs’ very existence and their willingness to go public threaten the foundation of the Left’s propaganda, a lifetime of lies that accuse the U.S. military of being no better than the “armies of Genghis Khan.” It remains the Left’s most potent weapon as they continue to undermine the efforts of our Armed Forces and provide aid and comfort to America’s enemies.
The war for America’s conscience and soul rages on in the media, on the streets and quietly behind courtroom doors. In the vanguard of that battle, as they were some 40 years ago, are the POWs; some of America’s greatest heroes; men and their wives, fathers and mothers, many of them grandparents, who have already paid a heavy price for their loyalty and devotion to America and, sadly, find they must do so again today.
They deserve our respect, admiration and gratitude, but most of all our support, even as they try to protect and preserve the honor and reputations of an entire generation of American troops vilified by the extreme Left.
Won’t you stand up once more to defend our troops and veterans? Please give what you can to help the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation continue the still-unfinished task of setting the record straight about the Vietnam War and Vietnam vets.
This is every bit as important as our effort last year. If you’d like to stay informed about the VVLF’s ongoing work, please sign up for updates here.
Thank you again and God bless you and America.
John O’Neill

Now here are some updates about it:
Update: POWs and Carlton Sherwood File Suit Against John Kerry and Anthony Podesta for Defamation, Conspiracy
Carlton Sherwood, Red, White and Blue Productions, Inc. and Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation v. John F. Kerry and Anthony T. Podesta
On October 3, 2005, Carlton Sherwood, Red, White and Blue, and the VVLF filed suit in Federal court against Sen. John Kerry and Anthony Podesta for events relating to the suppression of the documentary film Stolen Honor.
Legal Documents:
10/03/2005: Defamation, Defamation/Business Disparagement, Intentional and/or Negligent Interference with Prospective and Existing Contractual Relations, and Civil Conspiracy Complaint, filed in Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania[PDF: 818K]
Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation
Former Vietnam POWs Sue John Kerry

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Sen. John Kerry and a top DNC campaign official have been sued for conspiracy and defamation in Federal District Court in Philadelphia by the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (VVLF), which is led by a group of former Vietnam combat veterans, including several POWs, and the wife of a POW. The legal action comes just weeks after the group of highly decorated veterans, which includes a Medal of Honor recipient, was itself sued twice by Kerry campaign supporters who were once his fellow antiwar activists.
All the lawsuits stem from last year’s Presidential elections and Stolen Honor, a documentary released last September that examined the impact of Kerry’s 1971 anti-war activities on hundreds of American POWs still being held in the notorious Hanoi Hilton prison camp.
The Kerry campaign mounted a major effort to prevent Stolen Honor from being aired last October after the Sinclair Broadcasting Company announced plans to show the film on its 62 stations nationally. Sinclair was sued, boycotted and harshly condemned by Kerry campaign officials who publicly threatened to have the TV cable company’s FCC license revoked if Kerry was elected. That was followed by protests from 18 U.S. Democrat Senators who called for FCC and FEC investigations of Sinclair. Amid the furor, the documentary’s producer, Carlton Sherwood, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and thrice wounded Vietnam veteran, was sued for libel by a Kerry advisor and member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, an organization Kerry represented as national spokesman in the 1970’s. That case is scheduled for a jury trial next year in Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas.
Sinclair eventually withdrew its planned broadcast of the film and, under pressure from Kerry campaign supporters, theater showings were canceled.
The federal lawsuit, filed this week by Sherwood and the POWs, charge Kerry and DNC campaign coordinator Anthony Podesta of conspiring to discredit the documentary and defaming the film’s producer for the purpose of preventing Stolen Honor from being broadcast or seen in theaters.
Stolen Honor focused on Kerry’s 1971 testimony before the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee when he accused U.S. combat troops of committing atrocities and war crimes on a “day to day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.” The film examined, through interviews with 17 POWs and three POWs wives, the consequences of those allegations on some 350 American POWs still held in North Vietnamese Communist prison camps.
Some of the POWs interviewed for the documentary charged Kerry with “treason” and “perjury,” while others said his 1971 Senate testimony placed their lives in jeopardy, protracted the Vietnam War and extended their confinement for years. All the POWs accused Kerry and his followers of fabricating “war crimes” and providing aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war.
In recent weeks, the libel suit against Sherwood has been extended to name the VVLF and Newsmax as defendants. Another Kerry supporter and VVAW member has sued documentary producer Sherwood a second time for libel, also naming the VVLF and the Internet news company Newsmax as defendants.
Those libel suits were filed by Kenneth Campbell and Jon Bjornson, both long-time antiwar activists and members of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), who allege that Sherwood, the VVLF and Newsmax defamed them in the documentary when it questioned the credibility of those, including Sen. Kerry, who claimed to have participated in, or, been witnesses to “war crimes” they allege were committed routinely throughout the Vietnam War. Although neither man is identified in Stolen Honor, both claim they appear in 35 year-old pictures and film clips used in the film and allege their reputations were harmed as a result. Campbell was a volunteer and an advisor to the Kerry campaign last year. Bjornson also supported Kerry.
Documentation for these suits is available at VVLF.org.
All the POWs and the wife of a POW who hold leadership positions in the VVLF also appeared in Stolen Honor. The VVLF’s chairman is Col. Bud Day, a POW Medal of Honor recipient and the Air Force’s most highly decorated veteran.
“It’s time the American people learned the truth about Vietnam and Vietnam veterans,” Col. Day said, “not just the sorry portrait they’ve seen in the movies or read about from politically motivated propagandists. We served with honor.”
The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (VVLF.org) is a 501(c)(3) public service corporation whose mission is to educate and inform the public about the Vietnam War, its events, its history, and the courageous men and women who sacrificed to serve their country in Vietnam.
SOURCE Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation
Web Site: http://www.VVLF.org

Vietnam Vets/Former POWs Respond to Slurs From Sen. Kerry’s Staff
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ — The following is being issued by the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation:
“I am irritated to be called a liar by the spokesman for someone who spent less time in Vietnam than I spent being tortured. I would like to know what was false when I said that I was interrogated in 1971, told about the ‘Winter Soldier Hearings,’ told that someone had recruited my mother to be associated with these people, and told that John Kerry organized it. Was Boris (my interrogator) lying about Winter Soldier? Did these hearings not take place? Was John Kerry not involved? And while the Kerry people are tossing around frivolous lawsuits claiming defamation, isn’t it defamatory to say that someone is lying if you can’t prove it?”
— The Hon. James Warner, VVLF Board member and former US Marine Corps Captain held captive in Vietnam for over 5 years
“Who is this pipsqueak press boy Wade to question the honor, statements or credibility of veterans who took real fire and POWs who took real torture? How dare he! How dare Kerry allow his taxpayer-funded office to malign decorated veterans and call them liars. Of course, this is nothing new for Kerry — his public life stems from vilifying vets.”
— Mary Jane McManus, VVLF Board member and wife of former POW Lt. Col Kevin McManus
“John Kerry, through his spokesman, David Wade, has brazenly labeled a group of POWs who dared to speak out with the truth about his testimony to the US Senate and his crusade to brand American combatants as war criminals. I read the statement that referred to us as ‘serial liars’ and claimed that the truth doesn’t matter to us. On the contrary, this is all about the truth, and it seems the only chance we have of letting the American people know the truth about the Vietnam War and the honorable men who fought it is in a Federal court of law.
— Col. Ken Cordier, USAF (ret), VVLF Board member and POW for over 6 years
HERE is the Washington Post story and quote from Kerry staffer David Wade
And HERE you can access a copy of the suit filed by Mr. Sherwood and the VVLF

Vietnam Vets Versus Kerry
by Michael P. Tremoglie
07 October 2005
This may be the first time in American history that a presidential candidate was sued for actions taken by him and his campaign during an election. It may also be the first time that an antiwar activist was sued, if only tangentially, for allegations made about American military personnel.
Democrats did indeed respond vehemently to Stolen Honor. Sinclair, according to a contemporaneous Newsweek report, canceled their broadcast after being intimidated by Democrats. For example, a Democrat New York State Comptroller sent a letter to Sinclair criticizing the broadcast. The Comptroller was the sole trustee for the NY State Common Retirement Fund, which owned 250,000 shares of Sinclair stock..
The Baederwood Theater received phone calls threatening boycotts if it showed the movie. Ominous phone calls were responsible for a suburban Philadelphia conference center canceling another presentation scheduled after Baederwood.
Although the Kerry campaign denied any involvement with these efforts, an October 15, 2004 email from Podesta to Kerry activists called Carlton Sherwood a, “disgraced former journalist, right-wing propagandist and apologist for cult-leader Sun Myung Moon.” Podesta urged Kerry workers to “…. take action …against this garbage…. let the theater know that, as a member of the community, you object to …this film …they should not allow Stolen Honor to be shown on their screen.”
If this lawsuit accomplishes nothing else, it will be that the heroes of Vietnam are finally condemning the lies told about them during the war. If nothing else results from this, it will be that those who served their country meritoriously, despite great controversy, despite the adversity, those who truly deserve to be called the Greatest Generation, are once again serving their country by telling the truth about Vietnam.
A former police officer, Michael Tremoglie’s work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, Human Events, FrontPage Magazine, and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

More on Kerry and Fonda at one of my web site pages called….
Extreme Prejudice The Red Zone

14 Oct

Our Troops Rock! They Are The Best!

My prayer is that our Troops know they have our support, prayers and appreciation for all they do. They are America’s Heroes!




says…"Caution Stay 100 Meters Back
Or You Will Be Shot




Capt. Daniel Hall comforts an Iraqi boy
after a suicide car bomb attack in Tal Afar, Iraq, on Tuesday
 Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Alan D. Monyelle /
 U.S. Navy / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images