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15 Apr

Vietnam Vets in Iraq

There are a number of people who have seen both wars — men who served in Vietnam and now work

18 Mar

I Love Happy Endings ~ Georgia Senate Defeats Fonda Resolution

The Georgia Senate voted 38 to 1 to defeat a resolution that would have honored Jane Fonda’s charity work in

16 Mar

Hanoi Jane Encounter

I received an email asking me how I felt about posting about Hanoi Jane. I told her I would do

16 Mar

Thank You Senator Douglas ~ May Hanoi Jane Rot In Hell!

Atlanta Journal Constitution Jane Fonda’s name still raises the blood pressure of many Georgia veterans more than 30 years after

14 Mar

One Of The Left’s Favorite Cowards ~ A Draft Dodger

Wild Thing’s comment….. I have NO sympathy, NO patience for draft dodgers or deserters. I don’t care how many years

17 Feb

It NEVER Ends With This Bitch The Enemy Within!

. . ‘Sir! No Sir!’ details how wartime experiences led some U.S. troops to join the peace movement. Hanoi Jane

15 Feb

Until They All Come Home ~ 4 MIA’s from Vietnam War Are Coming Home

Department of Defense The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) announced today that the remains of four U.S. servicemen,

14 Feb

U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson Takes On Murtha And The Media

GOP Congressman and Former POW Rips John Murtha Staff Writer Washington Amid cheers, whistles and two standing ovations, U.S.

11 Feb

C-141 “Hanoi Taxi” is Retiring

Preparations Under Way for Final Flight of ‘Hanoi Taxi’ By Jeff Rhodes LM Aero Communications On May 6, 2006, the

03 Feb

Air Force Officer MIA from Vietnam War is Identified

I will never forget….never! For 36 years and one month I have prayed every day that our POW’s and MIA’s