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08 Dec

Two Navy SEALs Arraigned in Military Court

One of the SEALs is accused of punching the detainee after his September arrest, while the other is accused of

07 Dec

Caller To Rush Limbaugh ~ Navy SEALs Case Being Pushed By Obama

This forst part of the video is about the rally in NY to protest the Khalid Sheihk Mohammed (KSM) trial

05 Dec

Navy Seals Could Face One Year In Prison ~ See This Ad And Link So We Can Show Our Support For Our Navy Seals

Support The SEALs: Drop the Unfair and Outrageous Charges NOW! The hearing is scheduled for December 7. H/T Bare Naked

01 Dec

News Of Our Troops and Contact Information To Support Our Navy Seals

Trees for Troops is once again giving servicemembers overseas a whiff of home. Volunteers have organized to ship thousands of

29 Nov

Breathtaking Spy Plane Footage

Please amazing video of the SR-71 Blackbird as it goes 13 miles up. Isn’t it amazing the technology that comes

29 Nov

Sgt. Josh Revak Singing “Empty Boots,” His Self Penned Memorial to Fallen Soldiers

Josh Revak had finished his five-year service — 22 of those months in Iraq —with the 1st Brigade, 37th Armor

23 Nov

Checking in With Our Troops In Afghanistan

Along Afghanistans porous border with Pakistan, the U.S. Army is focused on reaching out to Afghan villagers and building local

21 Nov

US Army Unit to Return to Region of Deadly Battle

Army unit to return to region of deadly battle VICENZA, Italy The 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment is heading back

15 Nov

Apache Takes Out IED Emplacement Team With A Hellfire Missile In Iraq

AH-64 Gunship Takes Out IED Emplacement Team With A Hellfire Missile In Iraq. Checking in with our troops and various

14 Nov

Soldier ReUnited With His Dog

His dog’s name is Gracie. . Wild Thing’s comment…….. This is such a feel good video. I love it!!!! …..Thank