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04 Nov

New York Times Doctoring GI’s Quotes!

I must be a positive thinker, because I keep thinking the lies from the Media might one day stop. They

21 Oct

The Interview with Stephen Dupont (embedded journalist)

Jason has transcribed the interview with the embedded journalist, Steven Dupont. “Stephen says that he does believe that the Airborne

20 Oct

Get The Agenda Seekers OUT of This War NOW!

The headlines scream out….. U.S. Troops Burned Taliban Bodies “Under the Geneva Conventions, soldiers must ensure that the “dead are

13 Oct

Video Teleconference: Service Members Speak with President Bush

How many times have we read, seen on TV news and heard on the radio the propaganda of the left

02 Oct

Wait Till the Facts Come In

I have lost count how many times I get furious with the reporting on TV and in the newspapers as