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27 Jun

Found A Republican ~ LOL

Many years ago I bought 3 rugs from a company called Claire Murray. It is an awesome company and the

09 Oct

From The Mail Room

This came in from Sydney, Australia Click on it to enlarge email

24 Aug

From The Mail Room

From Al Kuwayt, Kuwait —– Original Message —– From: “Raja Alhaj” To: Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 4:30

29 Jul

Gloom and Doom

A dear friend of mine Beth …MVRWC….wrote this email. In the wonderful group I am honored to be a part

02 Jul

Take the handcuffs off our soldiers

In our newspaper today in the Opinion section there was a marvelous letter. Nick saw it and showed it to

05 May

My Reply to Mestro a Coward too Afraid to Post on Here

I did not want to respond till today since it was just too upsetting to me, I have edited out

17 Dec

A Follower Of Islam Sends An Email – What No Christmas Card?

Every once and awhile I get an email from a follower of Islam. They are all pretty much the same.