13 May

Boogie Street – Leonard Cohen

Boogie Street – Leonard Cohen
The movie is ”Un balcon sur la mer” or “A View of Love”.
My darling darling beloved one
Ohh I remember crystal clear
The water fall and the stream
Were I first saw you
As I was passing by
Every day I would watch you
On the other side of the water
Hiding behind a bush
In love with you and your beauty
Till one day you gently called me out
Too you from behind the bush
Oh my love oh my love
Do you remember as well
When we came here
We embraced
You said If all else fails
Remember our love
I love you
Now we are here
Awake and in love
My love
We are now meant to be together
Then we’ll know the full meaning OF BOOGIE STREET
Bound together again
My beloved beloved one
Bound together again
My one and only love
My mate my all
With kisses in love
I send you these words on the wind
My beloved beloved one

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