22 Jun

Kitty Sees Herself for the First Time in Mirror

Footage shows the sweet black and white kitten, Wiske, looking extremely curious as he spies himself in the mirror
He prowls up to the glass suspiciously before looking his reflection up and down.
Wiske then darts from side to side around the mirror, failing to clock that it’s himself he’s looking at.
He holds his paw up to the glass, before jumping backwards.
He then pounces up to the mirror and ferociously paws up to his reflection.
Wiske goes on to practice some hilarious dance moves, including waving his paws around in the air.
He then spends several seconds prowling at his reflection, before seemingly giving up and slinking off.

Wild Thing’s comment…………….
Soooo adorable.

TomR,armed in Texas says:

Cats are the funniest and cuddliest entertainers.