01 Mar

Mark Levin Gave the Best Speech of all at CPAC 2015

Mark Levin gave the Best Speech of all at CPAC 2015
Mark Levin speaking at CPAC 2015. Mark listed the ways in which Barack Obama has violated the Constitution, addressing grievances against Obama directly:
1. “You have violated the Separation of Powers.”
2.”You have seized unto yourself Legislative Power granted unto the Congress alone.”
3. “You have unilaterally appropriated monies to fund your radical agenda.”
4. “You have contravened Congress’ authority over Immigration and Naturalization.”
5. “You repeatedly defy the Senate’s confirmation power over your appointments.”
6. “You have poisoned the independence of the Judiciary by appointing scores of radical activists to lifetime judicial appointments.”
7. “You have repeatedly evaded the Senate’s role in the adoption of treaties.”
8. “You’ve shown nothing but contempt for the Bill of Rights.”
9. “You’ve shown nothing but contempt for private property rights and free market Capitalism.”
10. “You have nationalized to destroy the greatest Healthcare System on the face of the Earth.”
11. “You have recklessly destroyed the fiscal well-being of this nation with wild spending schemes, driving up the Federal operating debt to $18.5 Trillion and unfunded liabilities to over $100 Trillion.”
12. “You have directed Federal Departments, like the EPA, to unleash thousands of regulations. . . “
13. “You have driven the median-income of Americans down. . . “
14. “You have used the Office of the President to balkanize the American People along lines of race, gender, age and income. . . “
15. “You have showed contempt for our military. . . “
16. “You have failed to take necessary steps to confront Islamic Naziism. . .”
17. “You have undermined our friend Israel to the detriment of our security.”

Wild Thing’s comment.…………..
Mark was fantastic and all the republicans should listen to it!! It is well worth the time to watch it I promise.

TomR,armed in Texas says:

I really like Mark Levin. He, like me, never forgets that the GOP insiders did not like Reagan. I love Mark’s referal to the Bush family as Reagan haters.