09 Jan

Dish Loses 90,000 Subscribers and More To Come After Removing Fox News, Fox Business

Dish Loses 90,000 Subscribers After Removing Fox News, Fox Business

Less than one month after Dish Network pulled the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network from its platform, over 90,000 of its customers have cancelled their subscriptions in favor of other television providers, according to a Fox News executive.
Tim Carry, Fox News’ executive vice president for distribution, told Multi Channel Wednesday about 90,000 subscribers have cancelled their Dish subscriptions as a consequence of the television giant pulling the channels. “We think they’ve lost about 90,000 subscribers over the past two weeks tied to Fox News,” Carry said.
Carry added that a total of 350,000 have called Fox or visited the section of their website that gives viewers in their coverage area options for alternative cable or satellite providers that offers Fox News and Fox Business.
Dish originally pulled the news outlets from its 14 million subscribers just before midnight on December 20 because of an ongoing contract dispute.

Wild Thing’s comment………
We have Direct TV and love it. I feel badly for all those people that counted on DISH to provide FOX news for them.

BobF says:

We have Dish and are just about done with them over this. Tried watching CNN but it just plainly sucks.

TomR,armed in Texas says:

I think Dish was also in shaky negotiations with CBS. Fox is my primary source of world wide news. If I lost it I would be frustrated at not having access to Megan Kelly and Sean Hannity, Cavuto, Greta and other favorite commentators. I would not miss O’Reilly. I guess I am lucky to have Verizon FIOS which I have been very satisfied with.