30 Dec

John Adams speech before the Continental Congress on Freedom

John Adams speech before the Continental Congress on Freedom and the reading of The Declaration Of Independence.

Wild Thing’s comment.………….
I wish we had people in office that had the passion and love for our country that were willing to stand up for America and the hell with the left that wants to destroy our beloved country.

BobF says:

What ever happened to Massachusetts? How did they ever degenerate into what they are today?

TomR, armed in Texas says:

Honor and morals have been replaced by greed and narcissism. We still have a few men and women in politics of great honor, but they are pushed aside by both the dishonorable politicial establishment and the greedy, gullible masses. Sadly we have probably seen America at it’s apex of greatness, in the 20th century. My only question right now is; how rapid our decline will be.

CharlieSays says:

God, I’m becoming a sap as I age. I’ve seen the HBO John Adams, and that clip still brought tears to my eyes. How in blazes did we get from then to now? I tremble for our country.

Wild Thing says:

Bob, yes and a lot of America as well.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, good question and I wonder that too.