26 Mar

Krauthammer Blasts Liberal Mark Shields’ Criticism of Paul Ryan Budget Plan (video)

“Your Guys Haven’t Introduced a Budget at All. . . That is the Definition of an Absence of Spine”
Charles Krauthammer just destroying liberal Mark Shields after Shields trashed the Paul Ryan/GOP Budget Plan, actually saying it shows no “vertebrae” – no spine. After he finished, Krauthammer unloaded:

“Talk about absence of spine, your guys haven’t introduced a budget at all on anything, haven’t done anything on Medicare, on Social Security or anything on tax reform. Zero. That is the definition of an absence of spine.”

Wild Thing’s comment………
Krauthammer is so good. heh heh And I love the way he does it when he blasts someone. No yelling just a calm strength and then Zap!

BobF says:

He’s right. The Democrat controlled Congress in 2009 and 2010 have failed to introduce any type of budget.

Sean says:

You’re right, Krauthammer, rips them apart with well documented facts.
In most cases, these facts, are in direct opposition to the Kool Aide, guys like Shields, drink on a regular basis.
The Progressives are beginning to feel the heat, and it shows.

TomR,armed in Texas says:

Excellent. Krauthammer scores again. I would love to see Charles one on one with obama.
If I could be president I would immediately ask Krauthammer to be in my cabinet or as senior White House aide. I would also ask Thomas Sowell, Sarah Palin, John Bolton, Greg Abbott(Tx AG), Marco Rubio, Walter Williams, Allen West to all be in my cabinet. I believe that with the right capable and honest people America can be rebuilt. Reagan did it in the 80s.

Wild Thing says:

Thank you everyone.