27 Apr

I’m Proud to be an American Soldier Tribute

I’m Proud to be an American Soldier Tribute


Wild Thing’s comment………
This video had me crying, crying for our beloved country.
Damn the left, damn obama and Soros and all the left media!
I mean it damn these two people, obama and Soros. How DARE they take such a wonderful, the best in the entire world country and destroy her. Damn them to the pits of hell.
I am so angry and so fed up with the left and how the media along with them live here, get to have all the beauty of our Nation, and all the great things about America and then they turn around and bash it, destroy it, push their liberal agenda and enviro BS.
Have you noticed on even on Fox when they talk about let’s say the price of gas how FEW people even say why not drill, why not allow drilling again like it used to be like it SHOULD BE???? No instead they come up with every other BS reply under the sun NOT to say it.
And THAT is only one area we have had to sit here and take their crap. Our Veterans and our troops deserve better then what YOU obama voters have given them. Our country deserves better than what you obama freaks have brought upon our treasured land.

….Thank you Mark for sending this to me.
3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

BobF says:

Five soldiers were killed last week by a Afghan soldier working as a Taliban sleeper agent. My son went to high school with one of the soldiers killed.