12 Mar

Vietnam War Tribute

” We served. We suffered and 69 thousand of us died. We did our duty like the veterans of every war before us and those that have come after. This wall, scarred with the names of our fallen, remembers them so well with a dignified silence. Thank you for your service, our brothers. Thank you.”


Wild Thing’s comment……..
This was a wonderful tribute. Welcome Home and thank you!!!

….Thank you Mark for sending this to me.
3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

TomR, armed in Texas says:

That is another fine video. Thanks Mark and Chrissie.

Mark says:

There are some fine videos out there, just got to look for them because there is also junk.

I may not always agree with everything I read on this site, but that was truly heartfelt and took my breath away.
I lost my brother, Tom, KIA in 1968. He was a young Marine. I dedicated my book to him, THREE HUNDRED ZEROES since we had planned to hike the Appalachian Trail together when we finished our military duty. I carried his Purple Heart Medal the length of the trail, 2,176 miles. All these 40+ years later he is still greatly missed:
Honoring my brother, Thomas J. Blanchard, USMC, K Co, 3rd BN, 5th Marines, 1st MARDIV, III MAF. Killed in action, 7 August 1968. Vietnam Memorial: Panel 49, line 23.
Dennis “K1” Blanchard
Sarasota, FL

Wild Thing says:

Tom and Mark thank you.
Dennis, thank you with all my heart for sharing about your brother andyour book Three Houndred Zeroes. I really appreicate it and thank you for being here.