04 Jan

Merry Christmas From Afghanistan ~ God Bless Our Troops and Keep Them Safe!

Seasons greetings from CAAT 1, WPNS CO, 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines. (filmed on site at Alpha 1)

(As it pans across the platoon halfway through, please excuse them looking like they’re watching a crucifixion; by this point they’ve heard the song several hundred times 🙂 …….Merry Christmas!

“Merry Christmas From Afghanistan”
Merry Christmas from Afghanistan, oh man, it’s that time of year,
and the birth of Jesus doesn’t seem to please the terrorists down here;
I’d like to take a moment for you folks at home to make it clear;
Merry Christmas from the Eastern Hemisphere.
Merry Christmas from Afghanistan, way back in the USA,
You’ve got mistletoe and falling snow, we’ve got sandstorms and grenades
But what the hell, it’s just as well we celebrate it anyway,
Merry Christmas from 5,000 miles away.
And I remember many Decembers, sitting ’round that tree,
And now I’m in an outer cordon sitting ’round an IED,
I’ve traded yams and roasted ham for a chicken noodle MRE,
Merry Christmas from out here in the middle east.
So merry Christmas from Afghanistan, from our AO to yours,
I’ll be watching illegal DVDs and defecating out of doors,
Put my pedal to the metal man, I’ll settle for that medal of honor when I when the war,
Single-handedly from my armored drivers door.
Yuletide salutations from our vacation in the sand,
from this E-3 Lance Coolie and up the whole chain of command
Between Al Qaeda, Al Jazeera, Mujahadeen, and the Taliban,
It’s a very merry Christmas in Afghanistan.
From south Montana, to northwest Indiana, to the shores of North Caroline,
From NYC to LA’s beaches and down the Mason-Dixon Line,
It’s that season where we’re freezing, but all in all, we’re doing fine,
So merry Christmas from Afghanistan tonight.
It’s that season where we’re freezing, but all in all, we’re doing fine,
So Merry Christmas down the Final Protection Line!


Wild Thing’s comment………
We are so blessed as a country, we have the most awesome people serving in our military. God bless this hero and all of our troops.

The finest troops on the planet deserve the best Commander-in-Chief that we can give them. We failed them on 11/5/08, and saddled them with the wuss of the planet. In less than a year, he has denigrated them, surrendered sovereign land,and bowed to foreign leaders and potentates. We plainly let them down. No matter that you or I voted for the other party, we failed them. We should have had more interest in the political process and been more aware of this threat to them and to us. Yes, 52 point something percent of US Voters elected him, but the rest of us did little to offer a great opponent to him. Shame on us!
11/5/08 Democrats Win- America Loses. How pitiful is that?
“Never Forget the Ft Hood Texas 14 of 11/5/09!”

darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

Guttes Neu Jahr 2010 and Happy Feast of the Three Kings – Epiphany! Can you name the three kings?
Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar? They searched the yonder star for “Cash For Camels…?”

Mark says:

…And when he gets to heaven to St. Peter he will tell one more Marine reporting, Sir, I’ve served my time in Hell or Afghanistan about samey-same.
Semper Fi, 2/2, and God bless you and all of the 2nd Marine Regt and all of our troops in that hell hole.
Great, that was great.

Wild Thing says:

Thank you Frannkly, Darth and Mark.