30 Dec

A Siagon,Vietnam Christmas

Hình mới chụp cảnh Saigon đón Noel

Saigon Center mail,au coin Pasteur et Le Loi

Nguyen Hue boulevard

Tax shopping mall

Tu Do bld.

TU DO bld.

Coin Le Loi et Tu Do bld.

Le fameux café GRIVRAL

Hotel de Ville

Coin Nguyen Hue et Le Loi


Wild Thing’s comment………….
What a difference these photos are.

….Thank you Tom for sending this to me.
US Army Aviation
Vietnam 1966-68
US Army Special Forces

Lynn says:

Very pretty and very nice. If we hadn’t freed Saigon, can you imagine what it would be like today? But we’re the bad guys, remember? We just like to kill, rape and injure the innocent.
Over here, you turn on Christmas lights, someone gets mad at you!
I love Christmas lights!

BobF says:

My Gosh!!! They celebrate Christmas in Saigon? Apparently they don’t have the ACLU there.

TomR says:

Looks like Vietnam has an emerging middle class pushing a free market. We used to joke about how enterprising the Vietnamese are. These pictures and some others I have seen point out that in spite of communist masters, the Vietnamese still have that spirit of market. Notice the Happy New Year sign in English. Also notice that the commies and the Western MSM refer to it as Ho Chi Minh City, but the locals still call it Saigon.

Anonymous says:

Ho Chi Minh (not to mention various Northern commies) must be spinning in his grave! 🙂

Mark says:

Makes you wonder who is the free country and who is Socialist.

Jack says:

Yes Lynn, we are supposed to cower in the presence of the leftists. My wartime buddy Bill just got home from a month at Tam Ky working at the orphanage there.
Points well made Tom and Mark, not all are hardcore communists, there are an awful lot of Christians and Buddhists living there, the Tam Ky orphanage was supported by members of my unit while we were there, it was a Christian enclave surrounded by Communists.

Wild Thing says:

Thank you again Tom, so much. I also emailed
the photos to a friend that is from Vietnam and
each time she speaks of Vietnam she gets tears
in her eyes of how grateful she is for our troops, for you and all of you being there to fight the communists.
Jack thanks for the link and sharing about your
friend that just got back from working at an orphanage there.