29 Dec

Amazing Blackhawk Ridge Landing on Mountaintop in Zabul, Afghanistan

A compilation of three clips showing a UH60 Blackhawk landing on a mountaintop in Zabul, Afghanistan, to insert coalition ground forces on Nov. 6th.

ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Two Apache helicopters from 2nd Battalion, 82nd Aviation Regiment, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, were conducting area reconnaissance and surveillance when they received a call for assistance from a ground element of the 1st Battalion. The ground element was under attack by indirect fire from insurgents. The Apaches, on closing in on the ambush site, recognized an Afghan National Army Ranger truck and determined both visually and through communication with the ground force that the trucks were being operated by enemy fighters. Insurgents had mounted anti-aircraft guns in the back of the stolen trucks, and fired on the Apaches.

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BobF says:

It seems they took great pains and time to make sure there were no Afghan friendly forces there.

Mark says:

Yes they did Bob must be part of the ongoing ROE’s and changes. But they do a hell of a nice job.

Jack says:

Ah yes the ROE’s, they sure did take great pains, nice piloting too, some of those pilots can literally fly through the eye of a needle they are so good.
It always impresses me how much the optics have improved, a far cry from night driving an M60 under blackout with IR vision with zero depth perception, who knows what I’ve destroyed in the dark.

Wild Thing says:

Thanks everyone, I LOVE these things so we can
see them. Our troops truly are awesome at what
they do.