11 Nov

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters On FOX Speaks Out About Obama’s Speech At Fort Hood

FOX News analyst and Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was offended at the speech today by President Obama at Fort Hood.
Peters was not too happy with the president’s speech at the memorial:

“The speech was clearly written by someone who didn’t serve in the military… No, it wasn’t hard to comprehend and it’s not now. It was the act of an Islamic terrorist who gunned down 55 people, 54 people, because he believed he was doing the will of Allah in accordance with the Koran.”

Fox News’ Lt. Col. Ralph Peters tells Bill O’Reilly that while he was “moved” by President Obama’s service for the Fort Hood victims – even though he admitted that it appeared to be “boilerplate” and “clearly written by speechwriters that never served in the military” – he’s “offended” that Obama said it was “hard to comprehend” that it was “an act of an Islamic terrorist.”

“It’s clear that the problem is Islam.” He’s also baffled that there was no reference to “terrorism” in the speech, and doesn’t think Obama has the guts to admit that it was “an act of terrorism.”

Peters also took a parting shot at General George Casey, who said the Fort Hood attack was “a kick in the gut.” “Good God, he needs to stop talking about diversity” and “spend more time thinking about the soldiers that died or were wounded at Fort Hood… At some point, you just need to knock off the B.S.”


Obama said US soldier killer Nidal Hasan may have “cracked” because of stress.
ABC News and FOX Nation reported:
From Good Morning America Interview of Obama yesterday Nov. 10, 2009

Well, look, we — we have seen, in the past, rampages of this sort. And in a country of 300 million people, there are going to be acts of violence that are inexplicable. Even within the extraordinary military that we have — and I think everybody understands how outstanding the young men and women in uniform are under the most severe stress — there are going to be instances in which an individual cracks. I think the questions that we’re asking now and we don’t have yet complete answers to is, is this an individual who’s acting in this way or is it some larger set of actors? You know, what are the motivations? Those are all questions that I think we have to ask ourselves. Until we have these answers buttoned down, I’d rather not comment on it.

Wild Thing’s comment…….
LTC Peters consistently delivers the straight talk while the politically correct wussies refuse to face facts.
This Administration will do anything to avoid letting this be called terrorism lest they admit that we are not as safe under their control as we were under GWB for the last 7 years since 9-11.
Obama was speaking as if it were an auto accident that killed these individuals!!

……Thank you SSGT Steve
SSgt Steve
1st MarDiv, H Co., 2nd Bn, 5th Marine Regiment
2/5 Marines, Motto: “Retreat, Hell”
VN 66-67

Lynn says:

Stress? I’ll give him stress right up his whiny little butt! He’s a chickenshit coward who decided on his own to create havoc and kill. He has no one to blame but himself. Sure, every job is stressful, but he has no excuse. You don’t go shooting up the place where you work!!! How dumb is that anyway?

darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

I just threw up after reading that Major Insane Hassan has hired a fellow US Army colonel to defend him in his courts martial, and that this legal eagle scum bag has already said that his client has been unjustly pre-judged in his ALLEGED killings and assaults, and that he won’t be able to receive a FAIR trial…
Way to go JAG… Shame you weren’t around to defend Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas on 11-22-63!
Forgive me for jumping to this CONCLUSION Bear Nation!

TomR says:

Gen Casey is a weak Army Chief of Staff. He won’t make waves.
obama is a muslim. He will defend muslims over his duties to America. Hasan was not shouting “Praise the Lord” or “Dominus vobiscum”. He was shouting “allah ackbar” or maybe it was “allah’s at the bar”, a muslim phrase. It was a terrorist act and Gen. Casey and President obama can kiss my butt.

Eddie (Enemy of the State) says:

I usually prefer not to use profanity but today is is justified. Sorry!

Wild Thing says:

Lynn, LOL good one!!!!!
Thank you everyone soooooo much.

Bob A says:

“Obama was speaking as if it were an auto accident that killed these individuals!!”
Speaking of auto accidents killing individuals, that’s Biden’s job.
This Hasan creep is a terrorist murderer. Plain and simple.